The week ahead: August 29th through September 4th:

• "Do not listen to that fear. Fear is going to take you somewhere else that you don't want to be. You must always be aligning yourself with joy and your highest good." - Sarah Martucci Ok, Lovelies...bear with me as we go through some major planetary action here, starting this week. First, we have mercury going retrograde on [...]


The week ahead: May 16th through May 22nd:

We have a full moon in the sign of Sagittarius on Saturday the 21st, and it looks to be fiery one. Sagittarius is a sign that loves to travel, learn new things and expand their horizons both spiritually and physically. They're also quick to anger, acting rashly, and not tending to the details; something we'll [...]

The week ahead: May 9th through May 15th:

• The weekly video should be back by the end of May/beginning of June, lovelies! Thank you for understanding! • Jupiter is stationing direct today in the sign of Virgo (so that only makes 4 planets retrograde now-yay?). Virgo is a sign that loves things being categorized and streamlined and teaming up with Jupiter, we're [...]

The week ahead: April 11th through April 17th:

• I wanna talk today about speaking your truth with love. Sometimes, it's really difficult to get up the courage to say something you know might not go over well with the person you need to address it with. Sometimes, it's just difficult to say anything period because we're taught not to confront people or [...]

The week ahead: April 4th through April 10th:

• Happy April, Lovelies! We've got a new moon coming up on the 7th in the sign of Aries and it's a super moon to boot. Even though you won't be able to see the moon in the sky, you'll be feeling it for sure. Aries aren't known for being super nurturing or soft (Mars, [...]

The week ahead: March 21st through March 27th:

• Happy Spring, Lovelies!! We have another big week with a full moon AND a lunar eclipse on Wed the 23rd. This full moon is in the sign of Libra, and looks to be a peaceful one. Libra's are also known for their partying ways, so I have a feeling this week there will be [...]

The week ahead: March 14th through March 20th:

• I'd like to introduce everyone to one of my fur babies--his name is Matis and he's 23 lbs of pure fur and love. He also loves to eat and so do I, so we make a good pair 🙂 He REFUSED to get out of the way for the weekly, so I figured he [...]