The week ahead: February 20th through February 26th:

• Welcome to Pisces season, Lovelies! It's time to get trippy 🙂 We're now moving on from a mental/head space in Aquarius to a heart centered arena where our emotions and feelings will take center stage, while our intuitive insights and impressions will be guiding the way. When I think of Pisces, I think of [...]


The week ahead: March 7th through March 13th:

• New doors are swinging open this week, lovelies! We have a new moon (and it's a super one to boot, meaning it's closer to the Earth than normal, making it more potent) AND a solar eclipse on the 8th. Solar eclipses and new moons are similar in that they represent open doorways to new [...]

The week ahead: February 29th through March 6th:

• I'm kinda blown away that it's March tomorrow. I feel like it was JUST New Year's eve--right?? Anyway, welcome to the transition of Feb into March, where everything is in flux. We're moving out of one mode of thinking and being with transformative themes, into an even more super packed month full of the [...]

The week ahead: February 22nd through February 28th:

• Yippee! We have a full moon in the sign of Virgo tonight and it looks like everything is about to get more finely tuned and detailed. Where once you felt you didn't have words to explain what was going on, you will suddenly feel like you really have a grasp of what's at hand. [...]

The week ahead: February 1st through February 7th:

• Happy February, Lovelies! Let's talk about self love today. I know it's not a fun talk, or a pretty one, but it's one we need to discuss, especially since all signs are pointing to this being a major theme this month. I wanted to bring it up also because it's been continually coming forth [...]

The week ahead: January 25th through January 31st:

• We just had a beautiful Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd, and Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close on the 25th (Yay!). We have some intense energy this week and some of us might be wigging out a little. As Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close, it's giving that last push [...]

The week ahead: January 18th through January 24th:

• I don't know about you guys, but last week was an incredibly difficult time for me. David Bowie passed away and Alan Rickman--both heroes of mine--and my grandmother survived a pulmonary embolism. That's right, I said survived. I'm happy to know I come from hearty stock. I should be rejoicing on the last bit [...]