The week ahead: April 28th through May 4th:


Transformation is everywhere right now! Even if you wanted to fight it, it’s inevitable. It’s what keeps the world moving, our lives interesting, and our future’s bright. April has been a month of roller coaster emotions and events. One minute your receive a raise, the next, a beloved family member passes. This is just an example, but it’s a good one for how everything has felt thus far. If you’ve been following on my FB page (, you’ll know we’ve just been through some hellacious astrological events. Between the cardinal cross and TWO eclipses (one lunar and one solar) it’s no wonder any of us have any of our hair left 🙂 Hold tight because the end is near; the worst is now behind you. Now is the time to relax into the transformations that you have set into motion. Now is the time to ground your energy and ask for a clear path to move forward. All of that should be possible, but you still need to take the action steps to facilitate an easy transition. Find your path by walking outside for a quick retreat. The fresh air and movement will get your brain working and your intuition fully open so you can hear the guidance you’ve been asking for.

Now choose a card from the picture above; they are numbered from left to right, 1, 2, 3. Pick the card or cards you’re most drawn to. The stone I chose for this week’s reading is Shiva Lingam. Shiva Lingams are egg-shaped stones made of cryptocrystalline quartz. They are found in one of the seven holy sites of India – the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata. Villagers gather the stones from the river and hand polish them. The egg shape is considered a phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. The shiva lingam represents both male and female, as well as the cosmic egg from which all creation emerged. This stone resonates with energies of all the elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Stone. Use shiva lingam to:

  • Charge the entire chakra system
  • Activate kundalini energies
  • Boost vitality
  • Enhance inner transformation
  • Break up old patterns and open the path for new life
  • Help to feel unity, even during times of separation


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is that you’re brought a message from your deceased loved one: ‘I am happy, at peace, and I love you very much. Please don’t worry about me.’ The Sonya card goes on to say that your heart has been very heavy with grief, and Sonya is here to reassure you. She is the guardian angel to your deceased loved one, and she wants you to know that there is no reason for you to worry. Your loved one is very happy and has adjusted to the transition very well. There is no anger or upset directed towards you, only love and understanding. You have done nothing wrong, dear one, so please don’t blame yourself in any way. You did everything that you could, and your loved one has asked Sonya to share this appreciation with you. You and your loved one still share great love between your souls. That love could never die! Although you miss your loved ones physical presence, you have already connected spiritually in your dreams; as well as through feeling, hearing, smelling, or seeing your loved one’s essence. Your loved one is as alive as you are–even more alive in many ways. Relieved of Earthly cares or bodily pains, your loved one is freer and happier than ever. As soon as you complete your life’s purpose and it is your time to make the transition, you will be reunited in each other’s arms. In the meantime, please know that your loved one is with you often, and that the angels surround you continuously.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is to spend time alone in nature, meditating about your desires and intentions. Ask the angels to help you gain a positive perspective. The card goes on to say that  your life has been noisy lately, and you need to escape into a place of natural tranquility. It is time for you to be alone in nature, even if it is for just a brief while. You don’t need others’ permission to take care of your soul in this way. Simply plan your sojourn, and then follow through on those plans. Once you’re alone in nature, allow your mind to wander wherever it wants to go. Notice your thoughts and feelings, and perhaps write them down. After a time, speak (aloud or silently) to the nature angels that surround you. Ask them to clear your body and aura of any stress that you may have absorbed. Then, meditate and pray about your desires and intentions. Prayers are amplified by the power of nature, and you will feel very refreshed when you return home.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is that you are confused and indecisive because you do not have enough information. Do research or seek expert advice before making a decision. The card goes on to say that you have felt like you are chasing your tail, looking at this option, then that option. This indecisiveness is exhausting you, dear one! The reason why you’re confused is that you do not have enough information to make an informed decision. Your choices appear too similar right now, but once you conduct additional research, your decision will become more clear. First, begin by asking God and the angels to enter your dreams and give you more information. Then, ask your feelings to give you guidance. This means imagining what it would feel like to make this decision. Then, imagine what it would feel like to make the other choice. Go deep within, and notice how your body reacts as you try on the different options. If your gut or jaw tightens, this is a sign that something isn’t right. If your heart flutters with warmth, this is a sign that you’re on the right path. Before making your final decision, seek the counsel of wise friends and teachers who experience and intuition can guide you.

My hope for you this week is that you allow all the powerful changes in your life to take root. If it scares you, you’re finally dreaming big enough. Challenge yourself! Don’t let worry or fear hold you back any longer. Ask for help when you need it, take a break when you’re ready for one, and allow yourself the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. You choose every step you take in your life; plant those steps on solid ground.

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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