The week ahead: May 11th through May 17th:

• Oh boy...Mars just entered into Gemini (May 11th through June 28th) and if you've been having a hard time getting your words out fast enough to match your lightening quick brain (or saying the right ones), you're in good company. Mars is the planet that rules all of our passions and drives, and when [...]


The week ahead: April 20th through April 26th:

• Whew! What a doozy of a week we just had. I'm really happy that Mars has now entered into the sign of Taurus. This gives us the go on whatever project you've been working on behind the scenes. Get yourself out there and shine, baby! It's important to note that building a solid foundation [...]

The week ahead: November 10th through November 16th:

• I just had a fabulous synchronistic event occur this evening that I'd love to share with you. If you've been following me, you know that I've been talking about learning to really love and accept myself, how this has been a very important theme in my life, and how I'm finally starting to enjoy [...]

The week ahead: June 16th through June 22nd:

 •We're almost upon the official summer season, and the full moon we just had in Sagittarius left most with heated emotions. If you've been snappy or grumpy, take a look at what's triggering these feelings. Most probably, you have buried some past hurt down deep and this full moon illuminated the need for release. It [...]

The week ahead: April 28th through May 4th:

• Transformation is everywhere right now! Even if you wanted to fight it, it's inevitable. It's what keeps the world moving, our lives interesting, and our future's bright. April has been a month of roller coaster emotions and events. One minute your receive a raise, the next, a beloved family member passes. This is just [...]

The week ahead: October 21st through October 27th:

Still more transformation ahead my friends. Continue to hold on tight and look for the light. I promise you'll come out the other end of this a stronger, more confident person. If you look to the very first card for the beginning of the week, you'll notice that the butterfly maiden is facing to the left [...]

The week ahead: October 7th through October 13th:

Yes!! How long have we all waited to get cards like these? It feels like a little too long if you ask me. When I pull cards that are this positive, it tells me that you've been doing the work to change your world for the better. Congrats! I know the new moon on the [...]