The week ahead: November 6th through November 12th: • We're going into the last 2 weeks of Scorpio season, so I wanted to focus on what Scorpio's statement is so we can get a better handle on what may have come up for us at the full moon on Fri/Sat. Every sign has it's statement: Aries comes confidently through with "I [...]


The week ahead: April 28th through May 4th:

• Transformation is everywhere right now! Even if you wanted to fight it, it's inevitable. It's what keeps the world moving, our lives interesting, and our future's bright. April has been a month of roller coaster emotions and events. One minute your receive a raise, the next, a beloved family member passes. This is just [...]

The week ahead: March 24th through March 30th:

• I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I've started prepping for the craziness that April is bringing. The new moon in Aries arrives on March 30th, so keep an eye out on my FB page for a helpful article to get you through ( A LOT of evolutions are going to occur [...]

The week ahead: December 23rd through December 29th:

I was just gifted a new deck of cards by a wonderful friend and fellow psychic, Nancy Andrews. This deck is called #TalkingtoHeaven, which I thought was perfect for this time of year. Many of us have loved ones that have passed over and we miss so much, so I thought this deck could help [...]

The week ahead: September 30th through October 6th:

All of your emotions lately have made you realize something very important; you may have some less than stellar people around you right now. I feel like you've kind of known this for a while, but an epiphany moment came at some point in the last couple of weeks that you may need to clean [...]