The week ahead: May 29th through June 4th: • We're in the midst of Gemini season, so notice themes this week about communication, travel, and your siblings—Mercury (Gemini's ruling planet) is cooking through the cosmos and bringing insight and clarity at just the right moments we need it. Gemini's also think a mile a minute and love to gather all the [...]


The week ahead: May 16th through May 22nd:

We have a full moon in the sign of Sagittarius on Saturday the 21st, and it looks to be fiery one. Sagittarius is a sign that loves to travel, learn new things and expand their horizons both spiritually and physically. They're also quick to anger, acting rashly, and not tending to the details; something we'll [...]

The week ahead: April 11th through April 17th:

• I wanna talk today about speaking your truth with love. Sometimes, it's really difficult to get up the courage to say something you know might not go over well with the person you need to address it with. Sometimes, it's just difficult to say anything period because we're taught not to confront people or [...]

The week ahead: December 21st through December 27th:

• We have a full moon on Christmas this year! Before you start freaking out, please know that it's in the sign of Cancer, which is known for being all about family, home, and close relationships. This full moon seems to be focusing on relationships and partnerships of all kinds (which full moons always do) [...]

The week ahead: November 9th through November 15th:

• We have a powerful new moon on the 11th in the sign of Scorpio. New moons are traditionally times of opening new doorways and planting seeds for new projects or ideas. The new moon also falls on 11/11, which speaks about balance--asking us to re-align, re-affirm and re-establish what it is we're working towards, [...]

The week ahead: November 2nd through November 8th:

• A week ago, I prayed for positive change, I prayed for abundance, and I prayed for peace. The day after I prayed for these things with all of my heart, I got my response, but not in the way I had imagined. I suddenly started to have flashbacks again about my childhood and the [...]

The week ahead: October 12th through October 18th:

• We have a new moon in Libra tonight! So what can we expect? BALANCE, and lots of it. If you think you have balance right now, it would behoove you to check the scales. Anything pretending to be balance or a half hearted effort towards it will be brought out into full view, thanks [...]