The week ahead: September 22nd through September 28th:


Happy equinox my lovelies!! I just got back from a trip to Bermuda in time for the fall season, and I’m kinda missing that warm weather 😉 Either way, fall time is now being ushered in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days will start to get shorter and the nights longer. It’s the perfect time to release and let go of old worn out habits, rituals, or thoughts that no longer serve you. It’s also the perfect time to go within and learn about your own inner light. This time is important for focusing on self and how we can improve our inner dwelling space; both home and mind. We also have a new moon in Libra on the 24th that promises to bring about the balance we’ve been seeking, if we’re ready. New moons bring about new beginnings, so take some time this week before Wednesday and see what it is in your life that needs to be balanced. It may help you to write down what you’d like to change, and then to burn your list in the moonlight as a sign to the Universe (and yourself) that you’re ready to let go of, or bring into alignment, the things in your life out of balance. This can be one of many ways to help you prep for all the abundance and prosperity ahead of you. Join me on my Facebook page ( on Wednesday for a beautiful article on the subject and a further look into the aspects at play.

Go ahead and pick a card from above. The cards are listed from left to right; 1, 2, 3. The stone you see in the picture is ruby in ziosite or anyolite. Ruby in Zoisite, also called Anyolite, is a combination crystal that contains both the properties of fiery Ruby and earthy Zoisite. This stone contains small Ruby crystals that have become embedded in Zoisite. It is a “marriage” of passion and patience. Ruby in Zoisite enhances psychic abilities, aids in the communication of spirit guides and, when placed on the Crown chakra, amplifies spirituality, engaging the body’s own energy field. Ruby in Zoisite helps you to maintain your individuality while still being part of the world around you. It keeps you from over-reacting to difficult situations and prevents mood swings. Ruby in Zoisite transmutes negative energy into the positive. It is especially helpful during the grieving process, allowing you to release that pain and sorrow and gain spiritual comfort while getting on with your life and regaining that passion. It also enhances that passion into compassion for others who may be going through the same.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week to eliminate clutter from your home and work life to balance the flow of activities. Your card goes on to say that your energy has been fragmented, and it’s time for an adjustment. By drawing this card, you’re asked to take drastic measures to simplify your life. This means clearing your home of unnecessary items, cancelling subscriptions to extraneous publications, saying no to demands on your time, getting organized, and being more efficient with respect to your schedule. You may feel that such a project is overwhelming. However, if you take one day a week to whittle down clutter, you’ll feel an enormous lifting of weight from your soul. This results in an energy and esteem boost that will enable you to complete the tasks at hand. Your soul and body will thank you for your simpler life!

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is that it’s time to let go of the old and worn out so that the new can come in. Your card goes on to say that by drawing this card, you’re alerted to the fact that you need to make room for the new by letting go of the old. First, let go emotionally and intellectually. In other words, “quit” or “say goodbye” in your mind and heart. Once you do this, the physical letting-go will happen naturally, in a peaceful and harmonious way. Ask Heaven to help you make this transition, and don’t plan, scheme, or worry about how your letting-go (or replacement) will occur. Put all of your energy into prayer and faith, and leave the rest up to Infinite Spirit. You’ll get definite guidance whenever it’s the right moment to take action. Until then, stay lovingly detached from your old situation.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is that you’ve prayed for help, so get out of the way and let Heaven help you. Your card goes on to say that you’ve asked, “What should I do next?” This card responds: “Trust that your prayers have been heard and answered. Simply rest and retreat for now. After all, you prayed for Divine intervention, so step aside and let Heaven intervene, as this is the help you prayed for.” You can assist the process initiated by your prayers through quiet contemplation. Ask heaven to give you very clear, easily understandable guidance, letting you know if you need to take any action. In the meantime, enjoy knowing your angels and guides surround you and your situation with loving care.

My hope for you this week is that you’re ready for the action steps and work ahead of you. That you’re clear on what needs changed, and that you’re ready to initiate that change. That the faith in yourself is stronger than the fear you have for the outside circumstances that surround you. Most importantly, I hope that you can look at what’s going on within you with love and compassion. Let your faith be bigger than your fears!

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from Bermuda <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂


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  • Nichole P
    Posted at 06:10h, 24 September Reply

    You are always speaking directly to my hopes, dreams, and fears with your weekly readings! I missed last week’s! Welcome back!

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