The week ahead: August 10th through August 16th:

• We have a new moon in Leo on the 14th. New moons are a great time to initiate projects (well, the first two weeks right after the new moon is perfect for that too). Just remember that not all projects will get off the ground, so if you have two or three things that [...]


The week ahead: February 16th through February 22nd:

• Guess what lovelies? We have a new moon in Aquarius coming up this Wednesday the 18th! This whole last month has felt like a massive time of endings, only to be followed by new beginnings that seem weird or out of place. I feel like the lot of us have been wandering around, looking [...]

The week ahead: December 1st through December 7th:

• These past few days have shown me the short fuse on my Irish temper. I notice that the smallest things have been ticking me off, and God help the person who cuts me off in traffic. The more angry I got, the more things kept messing up. Today was my final straw--I had 4 [...]

The week ahead: September 22nd through September 28th:

• Happy equinox my lovelies!! I just got back from a trip to Bermuda in time for the fall season, and I'm kinda missing that warm weather 😉 Either way, fall time is now being ushered in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days will start to get shorter and the nights longer. It's the perfect [...]

The week ahead: August 11th through August 17th:

•With the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams, I feel the message from the full moon on the 10th has a special meaning here; its time to love yourself more than you need acceptance. As someone who seemed to be living his dreams in reality, it came as shock that he had taken his [...]

The week ahead: April 14th through April 20th:

• This week in April may prove to be a bit hairy. Relationships are highlighted, so take care of those you love and let those who hurt you go. Keep it as simple as you can so you can maneuver through this as easily as possible. The first eclipse will be on April 15th. If [...]

The week ahead: October 7th through October 13th:

Yes!! How long have we all waited to get cards like these? It feels like a little too long if you ask me. When I pull cards that are this positive, it tells me that you've been doing the work to change your world for the better. Congrats! I know the new moon on the [...]