The week ahead: December 23rd through December 29th:


I was just gifted a new deck of cards by a wonderful friend and fellow psychic, Nancy Andrews. This deck is called #TalkingtoHeaven, which I thought was perfect for this time of year. Many of us have loved ones that have passed over and we miss so much, so I thought this deck could help us hear their words and help us move forward with hope in our hearts. The stones I used for this reading are Citrine and Laser Quartz. Citrine is a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It also encourages generosity and sharing good fortune. Laser quartz amplifies any stone or energy it is with. Since Christmas is this week, I thought we could add a boost of cheer!

On to the good stuff!

The beginning of the week wants to talk about any guilt related issues you’re still holding on to. Especially if these feelings are related to a loved one that passed, it’s now time to release this guilt. You’re being reassured you have nothing to feel guilty about, and whatever happened was out of your control. There may have been things you could have done, but that time has passed and it wouldn’t have stopped the situation from occurring anyways. At this point, you need to release the guilt so you can move forward and so you can have a happy and fulfilling life. Holding on to this guilt does not equate to holding on to a person or situation, so allow yourself to let go. The card goes on to say that “Sweetheart. I see you torturing yourself with ‘What if?’ questions concerning my (or yours!) life, health, and passing. You wonder whether you could have intervened so that I’d still be in my physical body. I am standing next to you, right now, to soothe away these thoughts. It’s so important for you to understand that you did nothing wrong, that my physical passing was Divinely timed, and that you couldn’t have changed anything. Please don’t burden yourself with guilt any longer! Guilt is a complete waste of your earthly time, which is meant to be used in service of love. Guilt doesn’t undo anything. I have forgiven myself for everything that I think I did or didn’t do, but in the end I learned that everything’s already forgiven. And I pray that you also forgive yourself, because you are so very loved and understood.”

The middle of the week wants to talk about you walking away from a toxic situation, or a situation you have outgrown. It is perfectly ok to walk away from a person, situation, or even group of people that do not support you or that treat you in a painful manner. These could be friends, family, or a work place that could be doing this and you may have some guilt related to walking away. Know that when you spend time in any of the above mentioned and you leave feeling drained, sad, bad about yourself, or panicky, these are signs from your body that something is wrong or off. This is not to say to walk away the first time something happens; your lesson may be to work through the issue and speak up for yourself. If you have tried multiple times to resolve issues and nothing is happening to help your situation get back to good, it may be time to go. If this is about a loved one that passed, know that it was just their time to go. It may not have made sense or it may have been in a tragic or sudden way, but it’s important for you to know that you could not have stopped it. The card goes on to say that, “I know that it feels like a dream you can’t wake up from, but please be reassured that every soul comes into the world at a predetermined time and also exits at the time it is meant to for its own growth. When I first came here, it all just seemed too amazing to believe, but now I see that there is a larger force, and an incredible order to everything in the universe. Every soul has a cosmic plan it must follow. What you might perceive as an accident is merely a step in the cosmic dance.”

The end of the week wants to help you release all guilt in your life right now. Whatever situation that has occurred that has made you feel in some way that you put it in motion, is not the truth. Things fall apart, businesses fail and families grow in different directions but one thing is true; these things happen for a reason and it’s up to you to find the lesson, because this is also your blessing in disguise. If this is related to a passing of a loved one, know that it wasn’t your fault that they died. How can you control death? I’m sure you feel again that there is something you could have done, but in reality there wasn’t. How can you stop the most natural thing in this world? Although your loved one may not have passed in a “natural” way, the passing itself was predetermined and it’s important that you focus on the joy of their living instead of the sorrow of their passing. The card goes on to say that, “Please, do me a really big favor–stop beating yourself up, thinking that you caused my death or were in some way responsible for it. You were not! It’s so hard from the earthly level to understand the spiritual elements of life. No matter what you think you could have done or should have done, I would have left anyway. I am releasing you of any responsibility for my leaving; please let go of any guilt. It will make us both feel better. The universe is perfect in its makeup, and what we think is a ‘coincidence’ is just God’s way of remaining anonymous. Trust me–be kind to yourself knowing that what I share with you is true.”

Our theme this week seems to be the release of guilt. What a beautiful present from spirit! You must know that you have the right to walk away from a bad situation. If you feel badly when you’re with someone, that is a sign that you need to reassess the relationship and what you’re doing in it. It’s time to stand in your power and let everyone around you know what you will and will not accept. Know that it’s not your fault that things have happened this way. Although you may have played a part, you are not the one to take responsibility for destroying anything. This situation is much bigger than you alone. Remember that your loved ones want you to know that they love you, support you, and want you to release any guilt about their passing. Again, there is nothing you could have done to stop it. Celebrate their life and the light they brought into your world. They did so much more than dying, so start to turn your focus on the myriad of beautiful things they did to touch your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all, and I wish you abundance and blessings this year and into the next! <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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