The week ahead: September 23rd through September 29th:


 This is the week everything shifts! It looks like you faced what was happening, and I’m very proud of you! I know it was difficult, but this is the only way you can work through the situation and come out of this a happier, healthier, wiser person. Although there is some leftover energy from last week happening, this is the week you will work through the fear and be done with it. The beginning of the week wants to remind you that God is in charge. If you look at the first card, you’ll notice a mother and child with Archangel Michael shielding and protecting them. This says to me that you have been trying to control a situation or person based on last weeks fearful thoughts about your home. This card is a reminder that you and your family are safe. You don’t need to control anything, especially if the need to control is coming from a place of fear. Ask Heaven, family, or friends for help! You don’t have to do this alone. Put your trust back into the Universe and realize that you are protected. The more energy you put into a happy, safe home, the more that energy of love and light will be attracted to your home. Place your faith in love and love will surround you. The card goes on to say that this card comes to you with the reassuring message that God (the Universe, Buddha, Infinite Potential, Love, Energy, Goddess, Your Refrigerator …it doesn’t matter what you call this force, just know you’re apart of it) is in charge, taking care of all the details. Give any worries to God, and stop struggling against the flow. There’s a natural course that this situation is taking, and it’s important to trust that things are going in the right direction…because they are. Additional Meanings: Ask for help, and allow yourself to receive it when offered • Your prayers have been heard and answered • A miraculous solution is already in the works • Enjoy your life, because God is taking care of any apparent problems. Prayer: Dear God, please help me let go of this situation, giving it in faith and trust to your Divine wisdom and infinite love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved. 

It’s time my friends. Let the fear go now. The middle of the week commands you to let this negative energy go. Fear is doing nothing but holding you back from pursuing all the things that make you happy…and it makes you cranky and gossipy…ain’t nobody got time for that 😉 If you look at the middle card, you’ll notice there is a sword. This sword represents strength, and reflected in the sword is the same image of Archangel Michael on the card. This symbology represents you. It can be scary to let go of fear based thoughts or reacting to things in a fearful way if you’ve always done this. The Universe wants you to know that you are strong, you are ready, and the power is in your hands to let this fear go immediately. You are the only one who can release this fear, no one can do it for you. You can learn to do things a different way, especially if it will benefit all those in your home and yourself. You can’t afford not to. Release yourself from the past and move forward with a courageous heart. The card goes on to say that Archangel Michael says that fear is the only thing interfering with your happiness and plans. He wants to show you how to release any worry or dread so you can feel safe and secure. This card indicates that you’re ready to let go of control issues and trust that everything ultimately works out for the best. Additional Meanings: You’re going in the right direction • You deserve all that is good (just as we all do!) • Allow yourself to receive love, support, and abundance • You are lovable. Prayer: Archangel Michael, please help me feel safe and deserving of your guidance. Thank you for clearing me of heavy, toxic, or ego-based thoughts or feelings.

The end of the week wants you to go forward fearlessly. I feel like 6 will be an important number going forward too. So pay attention to your environment in the coming weeks and days and see what role the #6 has to do with you. If you look to the last card, you’ll notice Archangel Michael is holding a ball of light. This light is symbolic of your positive affirmations, prayers, and thoughts you’ve been working on. Now is the time to focus those positive thoughts & intentions on your dreams and wishes. You can make ANYTHING happen, so go for the stars! Razor sharp focus and intent is called for here, aim your energy at whatever you like and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Stand strong, and be powerful, and I promise you’ll blow yourself away with what you’ll accomplish. This card is a call to follow your heart, so no matter what you wish for and focus on, believe it is yours and it will be. The card goes on to say that this card is a sign that you’re on the right path (third time you’ve heard that and third times a charm!) and it’s safe for you to move forward with your plans. As long as you hold intentions that are focused on your heart’s desire, your steps will be automatically poised in the right direction. Right now it’s important for you to take action–no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential–toward your desired outcome. Ask Archangel Michael for guidance by saying “Please show me the next step,” and he’ll come to your aid. And all the while, he’ll also be protecting and supporting you through these significant life changes. Additional Meanings: You’re supported as you make a life change • Leave an unhealthy situation • It’s a good time to start a new business or other venture • Enter this relationship with an open heart and mind • This is the right choice for you. Prayer: Thank you for walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand, giving me confidence and courage, and guiding my thoughts and actions in the direction of love and my true life’s purpose.

Yes! Kick fear in the face this week! Donkey kick it if you’re feeling saucy 🙂 You’ve done the necessary work needed to face your fears, and the rest of the week is devoted to releasing what’s left. Know that you’re supported, know that you’re loved, and know that you can handle this. It may be a little daunting to change your life up, but that’s what you’ve been called to do for a while now. Today, you will answer that call and you will accept the blessings that come with it. You are deserving and ready for a beautiful life. Embrace the miracles the Universe is offering you and you’ll be embracing yourself in the process.

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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