The week ahead: May 5th through May 11th:

•I just came back from the most amazing weekend of my life! I had the opportunity to work with the amazing John Holland, and to develop my mediumship abilities. For me, it was life changing. I came away with so much information about myself; my abilities and how I work, as well as the obstacles [...]


The week ahead: December 9th through December 15th:

I decided to use the #ArchangelMichael deck this week because I felt we could use some protection. I don't know about you, but I've felt a bit overwhelmed. Too many things pulling me in too many directions, so prioritizing is a MUST this week as well. I chose the crystal #Apophyllite to work with because it's called the stone [...]

The week ahead: October 7th through October 13th:

Yes!! How long have we all waited to get cards like these? It feels like a little too long if you ask me. When I pull cards that are this positive, it tells me that you've been doing the work to change your world for the better. Congrats! I know the new moon on the [...]

The week ahead: September 23rd through September 29th:

 This is the week everything shifts! It looks like you faced what was happening, and I'm very proud of you! I know it was difficult, but this is the only way you can work through the situation and come out of this a happier, healthier, wiser person. Although there is some leftover energy from last [...]

The week ahead: September 9th through September 15th:

It's time to take that leap of faith you've been inching towards. From what the very first card is telling me, you feel like you've been in a shark tornado (chainsaws & Jaws! LOL! All kidding aside, it has been rough). From your mood to even the people around you, everywhere you turn you feel like [...]

The week ahead: August 26th through September 1st:

Have you been feeling stuck? This can either be in your relationships or with your career...maybe even with your thoughts! A couple weeks ago, it felt like everything was running smoothly, but now it feels like life is just moving slower than you'd like it to. The beginning of this week asks that you foster some [...]