The week ahead: August 26th through September 1st:


Have you been feeling stuck? This can either be in your relationships or with your career…maybe even with your thoughts! A couple weeks ago, it felt like everything was running smoothly, but now it feels like life is just moving slower than you’d like it to. The beginning of this week asks that you foster some patience in regards to whatever won’t move. If you look at the first card to the left, you’ll notice the fairy is facing to the left (future) and talking to a butterfly (transformation). She is holding up her right hand (past) with her index finger pointed up, as if to halt whatever is speaking to her that we cannot see. This symbolizes to me that you can see your transformation coming and you have a clear idea of where you would like to be or the things you’d like to say, but there are still some nagging memories or feelings that are speaking to you from the dark. These memories or feelings may be holding back the growth you are chomping at the bit for. The best way to work through this is to put your finger up, shush those relenting memories/thoughts, and speak to your future self of the beautiful things you cannot wait to get to. Normally, I would say to work through the feelings & be aware of them, but I feel this is old stuff that’s coming back up, fears that you’ve already worked through. Have faith in yourself and the process. Often things will re-emerge to test us, to make sure we really learned our lesson. Prove your future transformation right and leave your past where it belongs–in the past. The card goes on to say that the fairies manifest desires instantly. Whatever they think about occurs immediately, so they understand why you may feel impatient when your prayers aren’t answered right away. This card is reassuring you that your desires are being worked on behind the scenes. Although you may not perceive those results at the present, trust that things are moving in the right direction. You’ll soon see and experience your desired outcome. Additional Meanings: Heaven has heard you and is working on your prayers • What you’re asking for is nearly at hand • You’ll receive the money you need • Keep the faith, stay positive, and continue affirming and praying • Your relationship with your soul mate will soon manifest • Wait before making a move on the topic you’re asking about.

The middle of the week talks about fully realizing what your true desires are. This card is perfect to follow up the Patience card, as the Winter card is one about patience as well. I feel that this card is asking that you take the time to really think about what you want. You cannot get past this process. It will continue to surface until you sit down and apply yourself to it. It may be that you’ve been telling yourself the same story over and over again, never really stopping and thinking about what it is that you truly want or desire. This is a time of contemplation, rewriting, redoing, and/or fine tuning your heart’s calling. It could also be that during this quiet time you realize a missing link that gets you from point A to B. The point is to have alone time so you can think and see clearly what and where you’re trying to do/go with your life. The card goes on to say that winter is a time of completion, and this card indicates that your desires are realized during these months. In the meantime, just as the animals and birds make plans for the season, continue working toward your goals by following your hunches and intuitive guidance. Additional Meanings: Take a rest • Complete a project • Respect your body’s needs • Call on the fairies to help in overcoming procrastination • You’re moving to a cooler location • Eat “cooling” foods from an Ayurvedic standpoint.

The end of the week asks that you be open to new beginnings. I feel if you follow the guidance for the rest of the week, the transformation you want so badly will be right at your doorstep waiting for you. This card speaks about fully realizing your desires and being open to all the blessings and changes that occur because of it. It may be in the middle of the week you finally work through your fear of the future and you just allow it to come to you, so that by the end of the week, all you have to do is open your arms to the gifts waiting to be bestowed. This is a card of hope, of happiness, of stepping into your power and feeling at home. If you look at the last card on the right, you’ll notice the baby fairy (how cute!!) is transfixed on the butterfly (transformation). She is open, she is happy, and she is keeping her eyes on the prize. Emulate the little fairy this week and be hopeful about your future. Trust & have faith that everything will be taken care of! The card goes on to say that the answer to your question and prayers will occur during the springtime. Prior to that season, you’ll benefit form the many blessings that your wishes have already attracted. Stay filled with faith (2nd time you’ve heard that!) and give any worries to the fairies because they can see behind the scenes and will ensure that your desires and blessings are on their way. Additional Meanings: A pregnancy, birth, or adoption will take place • A project that you’re starting will be successful • Work with flower essences • Plant a garden or spend time in one • Open yourself to new beginnings • Dive into a fresh start • Spring-cleaning your home or office will be rewarding.

You have a beautiful week ahead. This week asks that you have patience with the process, fine tune what it is that you want, and to have faith in your future. This week holds hope, promise, and truth. Don’t skip any steps! It’s vital that you take the quiet time to process everything that’s needed so you can move forward in the knowledge that you know where you’re going. Listen to yourself, ask the important questions, and have faith. I believe in you and I believe in your success! 🙂 

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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