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Does anyone else think that’s crazy that I pulled the Luna card for the beginning of the week and we have a full moon today? Just sayin 😉 Well, the beginning of the week asks if there’s been something you haven’t wanted to hear lately. Has it been a nagging spouse or boss? Maybe the kids are too much right now or maybe it’s something someone told you. The Luna card says that you’ve been turning your head away, as if it didn’t happen but with the full moon tonight that’s all about emotions, yours may be coming to a head. If you look at the first card, you’ll notice the girl is hanging on to the moon with her left arm (receiving). This symbol says to me that whatever is going on that you don’t want to hear or acknowledge, is happening to teach you something about yourself. The moon is a symbol of our emotions and psychic awareness, so this card is asking that you sit down and process what’s going on. Pay attention to your emotions. How does this all make you feel? Then really hear what’s being said or done. Is this something legitimate you need to pay attention to? What does this mean to you and how you conduct yourself? I feel as if you’ll be asking yourself these questions and more. Give yourself the time to sort through your emotions so you can get to the lesson at hand. The card goes on to say that as the golden light of the Sun reveals the outer expression of personality, the silvery light of Luna, the Moon, brings its subtle influence to the inner life. This is the realm of emotions, intuition, and instincts. The unconscious mind is ruled by the Moon like the ocean’s tides, pulled toward the dreamy light in constant and changeable motion. The Moon enhances all psychic ability, and does not depend on logic or reasonable explanations. This is the province of the mysterious and the unseen. When Luna appears in your oracle reading, it is a message to listen to your inner voice for guidance. 

The middle of the week speaks about your projects and things near and dear to your heart. If you notice on the Mercurius card, there’s fruit branches by his legs. This symbol says to me that whatever you launch or start this week, will bear fruit– a.k.a you’ll be successful. It looks like you’re chomping at the bit to get started too! The only thing that worries me about the picture is what Mercury is holding in his hands. If you notice the middle card, Mercury is holding what looks like the medical symbol. So, if you need to get medical work done this week or you’ve been battling an illness, I feel the fruit is linked to this as a sign of getting better. If you look at Mercury again, he is looking to the left which is symbolic for the future. This says to me that you need to take care of yourself (go to all your doctor visits, no matter how annoying or painful!) and that you will get progressively better going forward. The card goes on to say that Mercurius is the messenger of the gods, whose winged feet speed news and information as fast as thought itself. In the celestial system, Mercury is the fastest planet, zooming around the Sun in a mere 88 days. Astrologically, Mercury represents the mind, intelligence, and wit. It rules all communication, both spoken and written, and gives the power of persuasion and reasoning. Mercury also rules technology, innovation, and invention. The shadow side of Mercury’s sharp wit is cunning and trickery, which can be used to take advantage of those whose wits do not move at such lightening speed, or whose nature may be more naive or gullible (Make sure you’re on your A game. Pay attention to what’s being said and done around you!). When Mercurius appears in your oracle card reading, there may be a need for speed and swiftness, or you may be feeling a sense of urgency. 

The end of the week asks that you decide what you want going forward in your life. If look to the last card, the woman is holding the sun in her right hand (giving). This says to me two things. First, that whatever happens going forward is because of what you have said and done, not anyone else (what you want is in your hands). Second, that whatever you decided is because you have been “illuminated” to your needs and desires. I know last week you did some work writing down what you want going forward. I’m asking you to return to that list and revamp it. Things may have changed or come to light or you may just have a better understanding of what you really want. No matter the situation, make a couple tweaks to that list and get real detailed. It’s time you’re clear with yourself about what you want from this life. The card goes on to say that at the heart of the zodiac is Sol, the Sun. Sol is the source of warmth, strength, and growth. As the most constant celestial body, in astrological terms the Sun represents that which is most constant in ourselves, the power of the personality. The strongest single influence on the astrological chart , the light of Sol reveals the essential self. Beyond the everyday expression of the individual, Sol also brings understanding of the soul’s cosmic purpose. Who you are, at your core, and who you are meant to be are strongly influenced by where the Sun falls in your chart. In this oracle, pay special attention to Sol’s position and accompanying cards, as they can bring enlightened understanding of the path that leads to your greatest happiness. 

You have a lot to look forward to this week! With a full moon tonight, your emotions will be at the top of your list to deal with. Take your time understanding what your feeling and really listen to what’s being said and done around you. I feel it will give you an insight that you’ve been looking for, an understanding that once was hidden will come to light for you. Don’t forget to revamp your list of things you want to accomplish, at the very least, start it. It’s time you got serious about your future. The worst that can happen is that you realize where your heart lies. This may take some readjusting but I think you’ll like the changes ahead.


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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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