The week ahead: February 26th through March 4th: • How are your emotions doing this Pisces season? I'm struggling a bit with ALL these feelings, and don't even bring a puppy video around me because it'll be nothing but waterworks. There's something like 6 planets in Pisces right now too, so if you're not accustomed to water (emotional/psychic) energy, you're probably [...]


The week ahead: June 5th through June 11th: • We have a full moon this week in the sign of Sagittarius on June 8th/9th. Sagittarius is a fire sign and the world traveler, trusting their intuition and thinking on a broader scale. Jupiter, the ruling planet for Sagittarius, is saying at this time that in order to grow and to expand, [...]

The week ahead: July 22nd through July 28th:

 Does anyone else think that's crazy that I pulled the Luna card for the beginning of the week and we have a full moon today? Just sayin 😉 Well, the beginning of the week asks if there's been something you haven't wanted to hear lately. Has it been a nagging spouse or boss? Maybe the kids [...]