The week ahead: June 16th through June 22nd:



We’re almost upon the official summer season, and the full moon we just had in Sagittarius left most with heated emotions. If you’ve been snappy or grumpy, take a look at what’s triggering these feelings. Most probably, you have buried some past hurt down deep and this full moon illuminated the need for release. It doesn’t help that it’s mercury retrograde time either. With electronics going haywire and delays galore, whatever funky mood you’ve been in hasn’t been helped by this transit. Don’t fear this time though. Make a point to face what you’ve pushed down and trust that you can handle what comes up. Get yourself organized too and make a plan B if things don’t work out as originally planned. This is a perfect time to take a look at your life and make sure that you’re on the right track. If anything feels out of place or outdated, get rid of it and get ready to move forward with your plans in early July when Mercury goes direct.    

Look at the cards above and pick the one (or all if you want!) your drawn to. They’re numbered from left to right; 1, 2, 3. The stone you see above the cards in petrified wood. Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation. It assists one to advance to ones highest chosen level and helps to make one feel safe and secure, calming down survival based fears. Petrified Wood assists in setting a pace and staying with that pace all day long. It’s useful for bringing patience to those in a process of slow inner transformation, and for bringing that change to fruition. Petrified Wood strengthens one’s backbone, physically and in terms of self-will. It’s also beneficial to the skeletal system, skin and hair.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about past life issues in that this situation involves your past-life memories. Your card goes on to say that your roots upon this planet are strong and deep, and some of the roots have anchored you in past memories from faraway times. These roots have anchored you so deeply, in fact, that you’re paralyzed when it comes to moving forward. Your attention has been called to this condition so that you may unearth and uproot your past memories. Sometimes you bury those memories to shield yourself from psychic pain or embarrassment, so you won’t remember those awkward moments when life tested you to the maximum. Reveal those lessons to yourself now, strong sorceress (or sorcerer), and move forward with confidence that you have sage wisdom behind you. Additional Meanings: Get a past-life regression to gain insights and answers • Ancient fears from a past life are surfacing right now • You’ve known the person you’re inquiring about in a past life • Your current situation relates to a childhood issue. 

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about cycles and rhythms, asking you to honor the cycles of your body, energy levels, and emotions. Your card goes on to say that all of life is cyclical: the moon, the stars, and the very universe. Life inhales and then exhales again. So why should you be surprised or upset that you too have cycles? There are times when you feel energized, awake, and alive. There are other times when you feel isolated and shy. Your body, too, goes through pronounced cycles and changes. Celebrate these rhythms, and embrace them as the essence of the lifeblood that courses through you! Additional Meanings: Female gynecological changes (starting menses or menopause, for example) are an issue for you • Make time to rest • Initiate steps to alleviate depression or lethargy • Take better care of your body • Seek support for dealing with emotional crises • Allow yourself to grieve or take time off • Know that this lull won’t last forever • A doorway of opportunity has opened up, and you need to walk through it now. 

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is to not back down and to stand up for what you believe is right. Your card goes on to say that first, be quite clear about your intentions. If you’re unclear, then confusion will lessen your power and force. Like a candle in the dark, be very clear and bright in what is acceptable to you in this situation. Make no mistake: Bridget will guide and protect you. And yet, think of the unparalleled rise in your own viewpoint if you are to stand up for yourself, and speak up about your needs and your deepest truth! Now is the time to touch your power, for its heat and flame will ignite your passion, which will propel you forward in countless ways. Even in the face of fear, you can still stand up for your ideals and your truth. Be unwavering, and make your stand today! Additional Meanings: Be assertive • Don’t worry about what others think • Trust that your actions will work out fine • Speak your truth • Stick to your opinions • Put your foot down. 

My hope for you this week is that you trust your own strength. The power you hold inside is beautiful and bright and nothing to be afraid of. Trust that everything will work out the way you need it to, and that whatever is happening at this moment that makes you sad, won’t last forever. Give yourself some time to rest if needed and honor who you are right now. When you see yourself, realize that the person in front of you is still growing. Shower that person with love. 

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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