The week ahead: October 19th through October 25th:

• I'd like to talk to you guys today about the opinions of other people. Just like eyeballs (obviously standing in for the other body part people love to compare opinions to)--everybody has them. They aren't always used or taken care of properly, and very few people have perfect vision. So if we know this, [...]


The week ahead: December 8th through December 14th:

• What things came up for you at the full moon on Saturday, lovely? I found it to be a very emotional time, plunging the depths of my psyche and coming up with transformational pearls. I know that all sounds a bit dramatic, but truly I feel like my perspective and now my life has [...]

The week ahead: June 16th through June 22nd:

 •We're almost upon the official summer season, and the full moon we just had in Sagittarius left most with heated emotions. If you've been snappy or grumpy, take a look at what's triggering these feelings. Most probably, you have buried some past hurt down deep and this full moon illuminated the need for release. It [...]