The week ahead: February 6th through February 12th:

• Oooh! We have a full moon lunar eclipse coming up on the 10th/11th and it's in the sign of regal Leo. Eclipses are always a potent, powerful time, helping to bring about endings where maybe we didn’t know how, so we can start anew and get headed in the right direction. Lunar eclipses also [...]


The week ahead: November 8th through November 13th:

• Sorry for the day late, Lovelies! I had the honor of going back to Holliston, MA to do more readings (and one of the days was sold out! yay!) this past weekend at Body-Wise-Healing, and it was pretty incredible. I got the chance to meet beautiful people, connect them with their loved ones, and [...]

The week ahead: October 10th through October 16th:

• "If you ain't gonna do me right, I might just do you in, Ain't it a sin." - Charles Bradley We have a full moon coming up this week in the sign of Aries on the 16th. Aries is the first in the zodiac and ruled by the warrior planet, Mars. Most notably, [...]

The week ahead: September 5th through September 11th:

• What a hell of a week I'm already having! Mercury in retrograde is killing me, and if you've been following me on my Facebook page, you'll know the disasters that have befallen me 🙂 I'm being dramatic of course and everything that's occurred can totally be replaced or fixed in some way, it's just [...]

The week ahead: August 29th through September 4th:

• "Do not listen to that fear. Fear is going to take you somewhere else that you don't want to be. You must always be aligning yourself with joy and your highest good." - Sarah Martucci Ok, Lovelies...bear with me as we go through some major planetary action here, starting this week. First, we have mercury going retrograde on [...]

The week ahead: June 6th through June 12th:

• "Relax don't do it when you want to to go to it" - Frankie Goes to Hollywood I know what this song is originally about, but this week, I'm asking for you to remember these lyrics when you're about to loose your cool. Anger can be a really good cathartic process, helping you to [...]

The week ahead: April 11th through April 17th:

• I wanna talk today about speaking your truth with love. Sometimes, it's really difficult to get up the courage to say something you know might not go over well with the person you need to address it with. Sometimes, it's just difficult to say anything period because we're taught not to confront people or [...]