The week ahead: November 24th through November 30th:


The new moon on the 22nd has ushered in some refreshing energy. Although communication may be off for a lot of us right now, the weight of heavy energy looming over like a thunder cloud, has seemed to dissipate. Thank goodness! Funky communication is annoying, but I’ll take that any day over that heavy feeling. You still have time to act upon the energy of the new moon in the next two weeks. Now is the time to plant those seeds for new beginnings! What kind of adventure are you hungry for? Love and travel are two of the highlighted aspects right now, so taking that trip you’ve been putting off may help you to meet the light of your life, or rekindle one that may be fading. Nothing will be same after these two weeks, so decide what you want and start making your path crystal clear. Focus upon what makes you happy or what you want to achieve, and then take one step towards it this week; that’s all you have to do. That tiny little seed could grow into your wildest dream. Make it count!

Go ahead and pick a card from above. The cards are numbered from left to right; 1, 2, 3. The stone you see in the picture is red jasper. Wear or carry Red Jasper to alleviate stress and reconnect with Earth’s grounding energies. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilizing the aura. It is an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and restoring balance. Red Jasper is marvelous for clearing the mind during meditation, prayer or contemplation. Its high spiritual energy increases focus and endurance during long ceremonies or practices, and is helpful in establishing new spiritual disciplines. It is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying and astral travel, and provides vivid dream recall. A valuable stone of protection, Red Jasper guards against physical threats and assists in situations of danger. Keep in the car to prevent accidents, theft or road rage, and place in the home or office to absorb electromagnetic and environmental pollution and radiation. Wear two or three items of Red Jasper jewelry or a pouch of three small tumblestones to shield against psychic attack or when working with spirit rescue, potentially violent or psychologically disturbed individuals.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about Archangel Michael. Your card goes on to say that you drew this card as validation of what you’ve already known and suspected: Archangel Michael is with you right now. Archangels are large and powerful nondenominational angels who watch over guardian angels and earth’s inhabitants. Michael (whose name means “He who is like God”) is the angel who eradicates the effects of fear, provides protection for you and your loved ones, and lends his courage and backbone in the face of your taking intimidating action. If you’re considering making life changes such as leaving a job or relationship, ask Michael for guidance and help in moving forward fearlessly. Michael can also assist you in finding you life’s purpose, and he can tell you what steps to take next on your spiritual and career paths. Action Steps: To increase your courage and confidence, say with sincerity: “Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please lend me your sword and shield of peace, and allow me to lean upon your strength and courage. Help me to know and feel that I am safe and protected emotionally, physically, financially, energetically, and spiritually. Thank you.” 

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about being an earth angel. Your card goes on to say that this card comes to you in response to your question about your life’s purpose. The answer is: Teach about love. You fulfill this task whenever you’re centered, serene, and loving, as that’s when you’re a role model for Divine peace. You needn’t say a word, write a book, or work as a healer in order to positively affect others. You merely need to be loving and compassionate in your interactions with others. Those who are peaceful teach about peace, which is the expression of Divine love on Earth. You also received this card to help you cope with alienation issues, which means feeling different from others or that you don’t belong. As an Earth angel, this may be one of your first human incarnations. But don’t worry, for you’re never truly alone. The angels are always with you, guiding, loving, and unconditionally accepting you as you are. There are also other Earth angels living among you, who have similar backgrounds and experiences to your own. Ask your guardian angels to connect you with like-minded friends, and they will. Action Steps: The key to teaching about love is to first feel it for yourself and your life. Take a pad of paper or open a blank word-processing document on your computer, and write down everything you can think of under the heading: “What I Like About Myself.” Include every major and minor trait you can think of that you find positive about yourself. It’s a private list, so admit characteristics that you might normally feel shy about revealing. Then erase or cross out the word Like in the paper’s headline, and replace it with the word Love. Frequently review and add to this list of reasons why you love yourself. It will help you to teach others to love themselves as well, through the process of self-acceptance.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about shielding yourself. Your card goes on to say that the angels brought this card to you because of your heightened sensitivity to energies. This sensitivity means that you may inadvertently absorb other people’s energies, which may make you feel tired, unfocused, or upset. Just as you wouldn’t walk outdoors in a rainstorm without an umbrella, it’s important to use an energy umbrella in the face of any emotional downpour. If you feel any negative energy–or people are arguing, competing, or using frightening words–it’s vital for you to shield yourself. This means imagining that a bubble of protective light surrounds your entire body. You can also ask Archangel Michael to guard you from lower energies, and you can even “borrow” his shield as a protective buffer. Action Steps: Visualize yourself surrounded by one or more of the following colors (you can layer colors for multiple purposes, such as white light next to you for general protection, followed by a second layer of green light for healing, and covered by a third layer of purple light for spiritual protection):

Blue: Increased communication and clarity

Green: Healing and protection of health

Pink: Lightheartedness and romance

Purple: Spiritual protection (shielding from psychic attack)

White: General protection

The light shields last for about 12 hours, less time in harsh circumstances, so re-invoke them often.

My hope for you this Thanksgiving week is that you’re truly aware of what you’re thankful for. I hope that you can open your heart and be real with yourself about who and what enriches your life. This can be a powerful revealing of your world, so go into this process with the intention of opening your heart to more love. This is about bringing you closer to those people and situations that do support you, so focus on the love and the love is what you will receive <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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