The week ahead: February 24th through March 2nd:


February will end with a bang as mercury retrograde comes to a close. Finally! Things will move forward after the 28th, and those new projects you’ve been chomping at the bit to start, will have the green light by the 1st week of March. The new moon is on March 1st, so keep an eye out for a helpful article I’ll post on my FB page to help you through ( I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from people lately about what life path or life purpose should be pursued; so I thought this week we could make great use of the Life Purpose Oracle Card deck. 

As always, the cards are numbered from left to right, 1, 2, 3. Choose the card you’re most drawn to. That crystal beauty above is a black tourmalinated quartz. Tourmaline Quartz combines the properties of Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal. Tourmaline purifies ones own energies and protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it. This combination makes Tourmaline Quartz a powerful shield-stone that, depending on the desired intent of the wearer, can amplify and return negative energy, or can convert the negative energy into positive energy for the wearer. An effective grounding stone, Tourmaline Quartz strengthens the body’s energy field against external invasion and deflects detrimental environmental influences. It is often seen as a symbol of unity and is an effective problem solver. It eliminates crystallized patterns which are, or may have been, destructive in ones own life and releases tensions at any level. Its liberating power against negative energy can be used to assist us to actualize the strength needed to alleviate negative or hostile relationships and situations. Tourmaline Quartz balances yin / yang energies. It harmonizes disparate and opposite elements and polarities, and turns negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. Psychologically, it helps to integrate and heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage. It harmonizes the meridians, the subtle bodies, and the chakras. Tourmaline Quartz detoxifies the entire body and is used to treat disorders of the digestion.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is working with flowers opens your heart and brings blessings to others through your life purpose. The card goes on to say that this card signifies your special connection to flowers, whose fragrance, color, and beauty provide healing blessings. As you grow, admire, photograph, and work with blossoms, so too does your connection with the Divine “blossom.” Your affinity for flowers is just beginning, and spending time among them will help every part of your life bloom. You may literally work with flowers–for example, as a gardener, florist, or flower-essence healer. Or it may be that spending personal time with these lovely features of the natural world sparks your creative ideas about a new career path. So whether your relationship with flowers is destined to become a career or an avocation, spend time with them today. Walk through a flower shop and notice which color bloom you’re drawn to. This flower holds healing properties that you need right now. If possible, take it home and spend time absorbing its color and fragrance. Trust the flower’s wisdom and power to help you upon your life purpose pathway.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is that you heal with your classes, sessions, and seminars. The card goes on to say that you’re a healer who reaches your audience with words. You teach in a way that brings healing blessings to your clients, readers, and listeners. You even do so with your family and friends. In fact, people seek you out for guidance, including strangers who tell you their intimate secrets and pressing problems. Your trustworthy nature and shining inner light signal to others that you’re a natural born spiritual teacher. This card indicates that you wish to be a spiritual teacher for the pure joy of it, without ego concerns about fame and fortune. You are a natural channeler who brings Divine guidance to others who ask you questions about their lives. You’re also acutely observant about human nature, especially as it relates to the spiritual path. As a result, you bring a unique voice to the field of spiritual teaching. As long as you remain focused on service and being your natural self, you’ll find a wide and receptive audience for your work. Take a moment now and ask your guardian angels, “What is the next step for me to take upon my pathway as a spiritual teacher?” Notice the thoughts, feelings, and signs that come to you as answers, and continue asking the angels for additional clarification. 

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is that your life purpose fully supports you. The card goes on to say that You’ve drawn this card as a sign that you’re fully supported…as long as you fully commit to your life purpose, hold positive intentions, and follow your Divine guidance. You may feel insecure about making a career transition. Perhaps you feel stuck in a job that offers you financial security, with few other rewards. Maybe you’ve outgrown a profession that once fascinated you. Or you could be wondering how to build a financial foundation for your spiritually based business. The angels ask that you lean upon them as trustworthy business partners who illuminate and support your path. Your role is to continually talk with them (silently is fine) about your hopes, dreams, expectations, insecurities, and other issues. Tell them everything. Then listen to their answers, which come to you as strong and recurring feelings, ideas, and signs. If you’re unsure whether this guidance is accurate, request additional signs and clarification. Like the world’s best co-workers, the angels only have your happiness, peace of mind, and best interest at heart.

My hope for you this week is you take a chance and ask for the help you need. Whether it be from those you love in spirit, your angels, or those here physically; you’re able to say that it’s time you get assistance for what you need. We didn’t do this whole earth thing to go it alone, so don’t forget you have help around every corner. Use that beautiful heart of yours to navigate your way to your life purpose. Ask the important questions, do your research, and most importantly, be open to whatever guidance your receive. I believe in you, and I believe in your success <3 


This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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