The week ahead: December 16th through December 22nd:


This week I felt we needed to communicate with our angels more, so I chose the #Archangel #OracleCard deck to help us figure out the messages we need to hear the most. I also chose to use#amethyst and #seraphinite to help foster strong spiritual bonds in our life and boost communication with the angelic realm.

On to the good stuff!

Whatever corner you’ve turned in regards to your transformations has helped you immensely. It looks as though you’re facing your fears or challenges head on, and I have to say, I’m proud of you 🙂 Stepping through your fear can be terrifying. Once you’re through it, on the other side is everything you’ve been hoping for. There’s a message here about taking responsibility or owing your power. So, whatever happened to make you face what was going on, must have been a blessing in disguise. It may not have felt like it at first, but here you are, in all of your glory. Ride this high and continue to break down more barriers. You have the strength and gusto right now to get things done, so do it. The card goes on to say that your loved ones aren’t far away; in fact, they’re quite near. In your quiet moments, you can feel their presence. These really are true visitations, and you are asked to trust your intuition. You may notice dream visits from deceased loved ones. Know that your loved ones are happy, free of all suffering, and want the same for you. Your loved ones want to work with your guardian angels to help you be peaceful, so watch for other signs from Heaven.

The middle of the week wants you to keep riding that high you’ve got right now. The past no longer binds you. Keep breaking down the walls and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back. All you have to do is step into your power, everyday. It may seem daunting at first, but it will become a habit like anything else. You’re ready for phase two of whatever you have up your sleeve, so set it in motion! The card goes on to say that although you feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you’re ready to fly high. Welcome new opportunities, and know that it’s safe to follow your heart and dreams. Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit, and avoid nay-sayers and skeptics. Remember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories.

The end of week brings good news! Victory! A peaceful victory is awaiting you and you’ll want to be shouting this one from the rooftops. Because of the work you’ve done and the time you’ve spent chopping and changing, molding and re-positioning everything around you and even yourself, you will get the results you’ve been working so hard for. Even if this is a small victory, it will feel huge! Enjoy every step of this celebration; you deserve it. Just don’t spend too much time talking about it, you still have more work to do. Don’t worry though, it’s the kind you like 🙂 I even feel like other people will be talking about your victory for some time to come, so go ahead and be proud of yourself. You have every right with how hard you’ve worked for this. The card goes on to say that you deserve this time of victory. Your unwavering focus and dedication have resulted in blissful manifestation. Peace and pleasant feelings are yours right now. Let your focus be on this present moment, and savor each feeling and experience fully. Know that the future is taken care of in a positive way, as you allow yourself to enjoy the present moment. Feel good about who you are, and know that your success benefits others.

That’s what I’m talking about! I LOVE these kind of weeks. Because you’ve faced your challenges and walked through your fear, you’re ready to spread your wings and start phase two of whatever you’re cooking up. Keep flying high and use this time to accomplish your goals. Victory is yours based on the hard work, time, effort, and love you’ve put into your life. Remember to enjoy your celebration time and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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