The week ahead: July 17th through July 23rd: • This is the last week of Cancer season, so again with the big themes of mother, home, your inner world, personal projects, family and roots will be wrapping up if you've done the work needed to tackle any of these issues. You'll find that your actual mother, talks about your ancestral roots, [...]


The week ahead: April 24th through April 30th: The videos are back! Enjoy ❤ • We have a new moon this Wed the 26th in the super practical, sensual, and grounded sign of Taurus and it's officially Taurus season, too! Taurus also likes money (lots of it), good food, and all the security and beautiful things you can throw at them. [...]

The week ahead: September 19th through September 25th:

• We're now entering Libra season here on the 22nd and (HALLELUJAH!) Mercury will also be stationing direct on the 22nd as well. I'd like you to wait to sign any contracts, purchase electronics or large mechanics/machines (like a car) until the 6th of October; this should give you plenty of time to allow Mercury [...]

The week ahead: July 13th through July 19th:

• It looks like we have a full moon in Cancer coming up this week on the 15th. This may be a very intense, emotional week for many. Do yourself a favor and don't blow a gasket if someone makes an off handed remark or acts in a selfish/stupid manner. Take a deep breath, hold [...]

The week ahead: March 23rd through March 29th:

• How are you guys feeling from last week? The general consensus I keep hearing is "exhausted!" We had a new moon solar eclipse, AND spring equinox all in one day on the 20th. Whatever needed flushed out of your life was either final on that day, or just started to remove the roots from [...]

The week ahead: February 23rd through March 1st:

• I want to talk today about working with what you've got. I personally have a tendency to think "Only if I [whine here] then I can do [cry here]" situations and then resolve to do nothing. "Only if" statements keep you stuck; running in place, doing the same thing. When I get stuck on [...]

The week ahead: December 29th through January 4th:

• A friend of mine posted the best quote today: "Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity." I don't know who said this, but it struck a chord. Something came alive in me when I read this, and [...]