The week ahead: October 14th through October 20th:


Although last week promised much better times ahead, it still felt a bit bumpy. The theme last week was realizing that when something happens, it happens for your best interest…well, this week looks to be the same. Just looking at the cards and seeing two fire suits and an earth, I understand that this week will have some kick to it. The suit of fire represents your ideas and inspirations. It’s where you feel passion, display amazing creativity, and set your dreams in motion. This element corresponds to your career, art, adventure, risk taking, and self-development. The suit of earth on the other hand, represents the material world, in which you deal with making a living, caring for your body, and looking after Mother Earth. Aspects of your life represented by this suit include money, work, home, security, health, resources, education, society, and the environment.

The beginning of the week has a lot going on. If you look to the first card, my eye was drawn to a couple different symbols here. Sitting on the bank of turbulent waters is a girl dressed in blue. She is contemplating everything that is in front of her in a very calm manner. The scene in front of her is crazy. The waters are churning and the waves are high. In the distance is a volcano that’s erupting and lava is pouring forth. In the midst of all of this are butterflies flitting around like nothing is happening. This scene (and what’s going on with you this week) is about rapid and turbulent transformation and how it’s very important that you stay calm and centered throughout this emotional storm. The waters represent your emotions and how all of this change is making you feel. By looking at the card, you don’t feel so great. The volcano in the background stands for passion, evolution, and change. This volcano is feeding right into the water. From what this card is saying, some kind of passion has awakened in your heart to change or to evolve your world or yourself in some manner. Things cannot stay the same, and come hell or high waters, things will get to where you want them to be. It’s important that you know your call to change is what’s feeding your emotions, and your emotions are what’s feeding your transformation. This will all go A LOT smoother if you can find a way to sit back, take a breath, and see what’s going on from a different perspective. This change is happening so you can move forward. Yes, people will be left behind, things will change, and it inevitable that you will change too, but this is for the better. As much as you may be missing how things were before, they could no longer stay that way. It wasn’t healthy for you. Now it’s time to grow and step forward on the path laid out in front of you. You get to make the choice of how smooth or rough it is, so choose wisely. Make it easy on yourself and do some yoga, meditate, go hiking, sing, make art, or punch a pillow. Just do something that helps you remove the bad emotions from the equation. The card goes on to say that congratulations, this is your golden time of celebration and success (this is how it SHOULD be)! However, it is not the moment to rest yet. You need to keep going with the next project. So, step back and review all that you’ve done and then create a blueprint for the future. You need to look at things with an eye for the long term. You probably feel good about how far you’ve come, but no resting on your laurels! It’s important to keep the fire of enthusiasm burning for the heights you might still attain. Patience may be required while you await results from your previous decisions. Use this time to explore the possibilities for how to promote your business or talents. Additional Meanings: Managing people • A thriving business • Self-satisfaction • Seeking wise counsel • Taking an important job • Business travel.

The middle of the week seems to be taken down a notch, almost calm, so this is good. You need the emotional break. If you look to the middle card, you’ll see the fairy is reading and studying books. Have you been thinking about taking some classes or going back to school? If so, this is something you’ve been thinking about for awhile and something you should really consider. If you’re worried about money or time, ask for help. I’m more than positive that there’s people waiting by the side to help you, all you have to do is ask. Don’t eliminate an option before you even know the answer. This could also mean that your studies are what’s going to take you to the next level, so whatever schooling or classes you’re taking right now is the right path for you. If neither of those things apply to you, this could be talking about taking a break from the emotional turmoil so you have a chance to review the lessons from which you’re growing. You finally get a moment to sit down and look over all that’s been going on. With all the books to his left, this guy has a lot to review, so take your time. My eye is drawn to the background of the card where there is a mountain and a calm river running through. This says to me that you’ve overcome the worst of your obstacles. Also, the river didn’t cut through the mountain in one day. It took its time and worked at its goal every day until it found the path that it’s taking now. This is a call to not give up. Continue to chip away at your goals and be steadfast in your pursuit of what makes you happy. When another obstacle comes up, be like the river and take it day by day. Keep your eye on the prize and refuse to be diverted from your path. The card goes on to say that your heart is in your work or studies. You’ve committed to learning about your career, vocation, or project. You’re definitely on the right track. Your dedication, skill, and talents are appreciated and will soon be rewarded. Still, there’s more to learn. Consider taking classes related to your interests or profession. A serious commitment to study or research is now called for. It may be time to go back to school. Additional Meanings: Craftsmanship • Apprenticeship • Diligence • Attention to detail.

The end of the week wants to talk about your abilities. There is call here to give yourself the credit you deserve. I don’t know whether you’ve been putting yourself down or not taking credit for something you’ve done, but it’s high time you step up and claim your work. If you look to the last card, the queen of fire is pulling a sword of fire from the flames. This says to me that whatever you need accept about yourself is not only apart of you, but it’s also a passion of yours. It’s rare to see someone whose passion is also linked so deeply to them or more aptly, that they’re aware of the link. You usually find this with artists, poets, singers…mostly the creative and sensitive types. Those with a 6th sense, if you will. This card may also be a wake up call to your 6th sense. It’s time to be aware of ALL your gifts and learn to integrate them into your everyday life. If you notice the card again, you’ll see the queen has a seductive look on her face. This says to me that whatever you ask for at this time, you’ll get, so make it count. Use what you have and display how awesome you are, and you may get the break you’ve been looking for. The card goes on to say that if this is a situation: Now is the time to stretch your wings and really fly. You’ve been underestimating yourself and your abilities. Believe in all that you can do and accomplish. You’ll naturally attract other people to assist you. Assert your independence and creativity. If this is a person: A person with a magnetic personality who is good natured and loves life. Someone with great self confidence who is astonishingly well rounded in terms of talents and skills. Attractive. Warm. Intelligent. Graceful. Capable. Active. Convincing. Difficult to throw off guard. Additional Meanings: Trusting your intuition • Balancing home and career • A desire for attention and recognition.

This week’s theme is about transformation again. Remember to stay calm in the center of it all. I know it’s emotionally difficult right now to take a step back, but you need to do this so you can see where you’re going clearly. Keep in mind that you can react or respond. It’s better if you pick respond so that the path is much smoother for you ahead. Go back to school! Or if you’re in school, good job. You’re on the right path. Finally, believe in yourself and your abilities. You’re much more powerful than you realize and it does you no good to keep it hidden. We need your talents in the world, so please, shine them for all to see. Your abilities could help someone else grow and feel like they’re not alone, so shine this week and every week going forward! When you shine your light into the world, it becomes a better place.

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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