The week ahead: September 16th through September 22nd:


There was a lot of fear last week that you had to hurdle. I know during that process that things came to the surface that may have been too much for you to go through at that time. The beginning of the week asks that you face what came up and work through it. If you look at the first card, you’ll notice the angel is looking away from the card and out at sea. This symbolizes to me that there is something about yourself or the situation that you haven’t been able to face, and there is also a LOT of emotion surrounding what’s going on. Since the angel is facing to the right (past) this says that you’re still stuck in a past situation or event. If you can bring yourself to face what it is that’s burdening you, you will be able to set yourself free. If you scroll down below, I posted last week an exercise to banish fear and another exercise to replace that fear with love. Please take the time to do this, it will help you. If you find that you still don’t want to or can’t face what’s going on, it may be time to enlist help from a professional. There’s no shame in asking for help, and the last thing you need are these emotions manifesting into dis-ease. If you find you’re getting more headaches or body aches than usual, it’s your body trying to signal that something is off. Be brave and do what’s necessary to get better. The card goes on to say that there is a reason why you asked for Heaven’s opinion about this situation. In your heart, you knew that something was amiss. Desiree is here to help you trust this wisdom within your heart. Although it may seem romantic to jump in without looking, this situation warrants otherwise. Since Desiree is one of your guardian angels, your happiness is her central mission. This situation, as it currently stands, won’t bring you the joy that you seek. There are options available to you. One is to wait. This will certainly improve your outlook, either because you will learn more information, or because something better will come along. The second option is to go ahead with the current situation. You certainly have the free will to do so. Be assured that Desiree will stay with you whether you heed her caution or not. If you fall into a situation where you need her rescue, She will be there with her unconditional love! Each time that you listen to her–and also each time that you ignore her–you grow and learn.
The middle of the week wants to remind you that you’re safe and protected. If you look at the middle card, you’ll notice Zanna is in front of a house. This could either mean that you’re worried about your personal safety, or you’re worried about the safety of your home or those who dwell within it. It may be that you worry how a situation will affect your home or personal life. I feel that whatever fear is leftover is linked to this issue and your heart is heavy with the dark possibilities that keep entering your mind. Remember that your thoughts create your reality. If you imagine that everyone is protected and safe, so shall it be. It’s important that you believe that this is a possibility as well. Continue to do the exercise to banish fear and give any worries to your angels or the Universe. The card goes on to say that no matter what has happened in your past, your present and future are now safely protected by angels. Zanna is helping you to heal from past upsets or trauma. She is helping to heal your heart from worry or fear. She is also here to help you release any self-sabotaging thoughts or behavior. Zanna is here, in other words, to help you enjoy a renewed sense of safety, and peace of mind. The other angels and Zanna stand guard around you, your home, your family, your vehicles, and your workplace. You can rest assured that no lower energies can permeate their protective shield. The only allow the energy of love to enter wherever you or your loved ones reside. All expressions of fear are transmuted back to the field of illusions from whence they came. God and the angels ask that you relax and enjoy yourself, for your happiness brings a smile to Heaven. 
The end of the week shows that you’re going to make a concerted effort to calm the worries that speak to you from the past. If you look to the last card, you’ll notice that Rochelle is hushing and calming something to her right (the past). Her arm is in a movement that is almost saying to bring it down a notch. The stark darkness behind her represents all the fear based thoughts and emotions that you’ve been harboring, and it’s a good sign that Rochelle is illuminated, as she stands for you. Try and emulate what Rochelle is doing here in the card. Quiet and soothe the fear and worries that have been nipping at the corners of your mind. Either face them head on and shine your light on the situation, or get the help that was recommended at the beginning of the week. It’s up to you how you handle the situation, but know that you have choices and you don’t have to suffer anymore. The card goes on to say that you are fully supported by Heaven, and they have heard your prayers for financial support. Be assured that they see money as a symbol of the abundant supply that God provides for all His children. The Earthly negativity surrounding money comes from human minds alone. In Heaven, they see money as the energy of exchange. They know that you need material essentials. Like any loving parent, God wants His children to be comfortable, safe, and happy. That is one of the reasons why He sends you guardian angels. Your finances have been blocked in the past because of guilt and other negative beliefs and emotions. Rochelle has helped you heal and release much of your negative associations with money. Please know that she is here to help you so that you can help more people. The more that you allow her to give to you, the more that you will be able to give to others. In the near future, you will be able to manifest all of your needs. But in the meantime, allow Rochelle to help you through Heavenly contributions. 
Fear still seems to be playing a large role this week. You’re being asked to receive the help you need in order to release the blockages that continue to hold you back. Start by facing what’s going on, and remember that you are safe and protected no matter what comes up. You have many choices in this life. Choose love and light and you will never choose wrong. I believe in you and I believe in your success <3
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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂
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