The week ahead: January 26th through February 1st:


As I’m watching out of my icy window as the sky is snowing it’s face off, I’m reminded to do something important. Have you ever noticed that when it snows, the whole world goes quiet? At least for a small time, your little section of this wild planet becomes settled with no distractions; no birds, no cars, just quiet. You’re faced with this stark bubble of silence that makes you feel all alone and so exposed all at the same time. It’s eerie and beautiful, and kind of magic. The reminder to be quiet and present is powerful when you think too deeply about snow 😉 It’s moments like these that I have actual time to give thanks about where I am. By being present, I can look at the vast unknown of my journey ahead and I can accept my place as it is this moment; and this acceptance will open the door for whatever change is needed. By being at peace with the quiet, I tell myself it’s ok to not have all the answers right now. So take a moment this week and give yourself at least 5 minutes with absolute silence. Do your very best to be present in your moment. Feel your surroundings and invite the stillness into your body. Allow it to permeate your being. Take a deep breath and just be.

Go ahead and pick a card from above. The stone you see in the picture above is a clear quartz point. Clear Quartz is the “Stone of Power” and can help to amplify any energy or intention. The Sacred Geometry of a naturally formed 6-sided Clear Quartz point contributes to the ability of clear quartz to amplify any vibration or intention. Quartz Points naturally form in a 6-sided (hexagon) shape. The Sacred Geometry of the hexagonal shape helps to naturally amplify and focus any energy or intention. Quartz Points are wonderful crystals to use with your Reiki, table work and Energy Grids.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is to express your Divine feminine energy, embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities. Your card goes on to say that this card speaks of a need for sacred female energy, which brings gifts such as intuition, nurturing, and artistic expression. Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time thinking or engaging in creatively void work. If so, then this card is your signal to move your body and dance; and express your intuitive, artistic, and nurturing side. You’re also guided to call on benevolent female deities for help with the situation you’re inquiring about. You can call upon Lakshmi, the beloved Hindu goddess who helps with abundance; Bridget, the Celtic goddess of healing and courage; Mother Mary, the saint who guides our children; Athena, the Grecian goddess of wisdom; the Egyptian goddess Isis, who helps women juggle home and family; or any of the thousands of other trustworthy and sacred feminine deities. Action steps: Within every woman are three parts of the goddess: Maiden (inner child, at
times pure and at other times adventurous or bold); Mother (nurturing qualities); and Matriarch (the teacher). Men have analogous inner qualities of the Lad, the Dad, and the Patriarch. It’s important to express each of these three parts daily. This helps to balance playfulness with work and relationships. Spend time each day expressing all three characteristics, and notice how much more energized and balanced you feel.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is that the angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth. Your card goes on to say that the angels sent this card to you because of important messages that you need to express, either verbally or in written form. You’re encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others. To yourself, admit your true feelings as well as any revelations you’ve had. Keep a journal of these ideas, thoughts, and inspirations. The throat chakra is the energy center located in the neck, which governs speech, writing, and creative expression. When you squelch your truth because of fears or disapproval, your throat chakra tightens and darkens. Prior experiences (in this life or past) of being punished for speaking up can also close close this energy center. Fortunately, the angels are working to unlock your self-expression by sending pure Divine love and light to you and your throat chakra. Ask the angels to help you speak up for yourself lovingly and assertively, and they’ll guide your words with verve and humor. Action steps: Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who assist you to eloquently, truthfully, and lovingly express your thoughts and feelings. Take a moment to center yourself, and then say: “Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you watch over me and all that I say and write so that I may clearly convey my inner messages.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is to pay attention to your ideas, as they are messages of true Divine guidance sent in answer to your prayers. Your card goes on to say that you drew this card because the angels are asking you to trust and follow the ideas you’ve recently received, as they are the answers you’ve been seeking for your current situation. You already know the truth and the best course of action to take. Trust this knowingness, and take appropriate action. When you honor your ideas, the Universe reciprocates by sending you additional support while you make healthy life changes. This card is also a message to clear the crown energy center (or chakra), which governs your ability to tap into the Universe’s collective wisdom. Your crown chakra can become blocked if you dismiss your inner thoughts as wishful thinking or common knowledge. Remember that all ingenious ideas begin as daydreams that turn into wonderful inventions. Action steps: Archangel Uriel (whose name means “He who is Divine light”) is the angel of Divine wisdom and knowledge. Sit quietly and say: “Archangel Uriel, I call upon you now to clear and balance my crown chakra. I ask for your assistance in boosting my belief and faith in the ideas that come to me. Help me in responsibly following through with my Divinely guided ideas.

My hope for you this week is that you can sit, stand or walk quietly with yourself. Spending time alone with the most important person in your world (besides your family), is essential to getting to know yourself, and being present in the moment which allows for growth. Don’t be afraid of the vastness that the quiet offers. This is a golden ticket to powerful transformation, and a perfect opportunity to find gratitude in your everyday life.

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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