The week ahead: August 4th through August 10th:


How has the summer been going for you? I hope that the onslaught of commercials & advertising for the fall season isn’t making you feel you need to rush forward. Do your best to be mindful and present at this time. The late summer season with its heavy heat and lazy passing of time, reminds us to take it a step slower than usual. Take this time to refresh your soul with salt water, and allow the sand to scrub away all things you no longer need. Give your heart away to your deepest desires. This is the perfect time to bring yourself one step closer to your dreams, whatever they may be. It’s ok to get wrapped up in the magic of summertime, and give yourself leeway to make your own path into the next phase of your life.  

Go ahead and pick a card from the picture above. The cards are numbered from left to right; 1, 2, 3. The shell you see in the picture is white coral. Coral is the transformed external skeleton of sea animals consisting mainly from aragonite mineral. It is a symbol of modesty, happiness and immortality. According to astrologists, coral is a stone of Neptune.To its wearer, coral gives wisdom and modesty. It is believed that coral reduces stress and fears and promotes a stable family life. It combats foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, suicidal ideas, panic and nightmares, confers prudence, bravery and wisdom. Coral is used to attract success. It also strengthens the ability of foresight. It is believed that corals can counter evil spells. White coral is also thought to be capable of repairing one’s aura.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is that it’s time for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind. Your card goes on to say that this message comes as a hep, and not as an affront or a criticism. Your vessel has become clogged by overuse of harsh chemicals, ad the offending source is within your psyche. You’ve been ignoring your body’s many signals and screams for relief from the steady ingestion of impurities. Perhaps you’ve also noticed a slump in your energy level, and your degree of joy has lagged as well. Never mind these past effects, though, as the solution is it hand right now! Now that you’ve heard this message, do not hesitate for even a moment to make new arrangements. You’ll want to keep a sharp focus on the contents of your mind and speech as well, for the words you think and speak are the very diet that supports or thwarts you. Choose purity, and I promise you a changed outlook for the better. Additional Meanings: Follow your intuition’s guidance about making lifestyle changes • Stop abusing alcohol or drugs • Avoid processed foods such as sugar, white flour, and so on • Eat more organic foods • Keep your thoughts and speech positive • Adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet • Go on a fast or detox diet • This card can also be a validation that your current healthful path is working. 

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is that the romantic stirrings in your heart have propelled the Universe to deliver great love to you. Your card goes on to say that romance is not an outmoded concept–far from it! Romance is the time-honored precept of merging with the Divine as it’s manifest within another human being. Romance is also playfulness, which heralds springtime, flowers, and new life. You needn’t be in a partnership to evoke romance, however. You can manifest it for yourself through laughter, surrounding yourself with beauty, and indulging in luxurious treats. Romance is the life-force of the Universe, and is a worthwhile goal indeed! Additional Meanings: Your soul-mate relationship has arrived or is soon arriving • There is renewed passion in an existing relationship • You’re a very romantic person • Your romantic needs aren’t being met, and you must take steps to alleviate this.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is to release judgment about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. Your card goes on to say that gentleness is the strength behind true power, and it comes from feeding yourself with nourishing words, thoughts, deeds, intentions, and all forms of food. Shield yourself from harshness by placing an intention to attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships. Transform harshness into gentleness by refusing to see anything but the shining light that’s within each person and situation. This intention begins with your relationship with yourself. Be very gentle with yourself in all ways. Be happy, be kind, be sweet, but most of all, be true to you. Additional Meanings: Release guilt and shame to Heaven for healing and transmutation • Keep your thoughts about yourself and others positive • Avoid gossip or bad-mouthing of yourself or others • Forgive yourself or another • Don’t be so hard on yourself or others • Release perfectionist tendencies.   

My hope for you this week is that you open your heart to all possibilities. Don’t let others dictate what time schedule you should be on for your own path in this life. Remind yourself often that you’re amazing and can do anything you choose to. Start to build yourself up and be true to who you are; and sooner or later you’ll realize you’ve arrived just in time and at the perfect place you were meant to be. 

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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