The week ahead: January 25th through January 31st:

• We just had a beautiful Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd, and Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close on the 25th (Yay!). We have some intense energy this week and some of us might be wigging out a little. As Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close, it's giving that last push [...]


The week ahead: November 30th through December 6th:

• Saturn squared Neptune on the 26th of November, and you've probably been feeling this square bubbling up since March. When two planets square each other, it's telling us about a conflict going on between them, and since both Saturn and Neptune are outer planets, it also talks about a huge/powerful change occurring. Saturn is [...]

The week ahead: October 5th through October 11th:

• Mercury retrograde is finally coming to a close on October 9th. For a few days afterwards, I would still continue to double check anything you post up or sign off on, and make sure all the correct information is there. Since this retrograde is in the sign of Libra, you may have noticed a [...]

The week ahead: November 10th through November 16th:

• I just had a fabulous synchronistic event occur this evening that I'd love to share with you. If you've been following me, you know that I've been talking about learning to really love and accept myself, how this has been a very important theme in my life, and how I'm finally starting to enjoy [...]

The week ahead: August 4th through August 10th:

•How has the summer been going for you? I hope that the onslaught of commercials & advertising for the fall season isn't making you feel you need to rush forward. Do your best to be mindful and present at this time. The late summer season with its heavy heat and lazy passing of time, reminds [...]

The week ahead: March 10th through March 16th:

 •We end this week with a full moon on the 16th, so keep any eye out for my FB page ( for an insightful article to help you through. I don't know about you guys, but I've been calling on my guardian angels and loved ones in spirit a lot lately! It seems every corner I [...]

The week ahead: September 9th through September 15th:

It's time to take that leap of faith you've been inching towards. From what the very first card is telling me, you feel like you've been in a shark tornado (chainsaws & Jaws! LOL! All kidding aside, it has been rough). From your mood to even the people around you, everywhere you turn you feel like [...]