The week ahead Ferbuary 3rd to February 9th:


We’re already in February!; it feels like it was just Christmas. This week, take stock of how you spend your time. Are you doing everything you can to reach your goals or priorities? Or are you struggling, only wishing you could do what makes you happy? Do one thing this week that will help you on your way to dreams. Even a small step is a step in the right direction.

For this weeks reading, chose one card that your drawn to. From left to right, the cards are numbered 1, 2, 3. The stone in the picture is a Lemurian quartz. Lemurian quartz are specifically used in spiritual healing when the entire organism is out of balance with itself.  They are used to bring a sense of oneness to a person suffering from feelings of disjointedness or detachment. When life seems to be swirling around someone, and they seem to be lost in the whirlwind, use a Lemurian Seed Crystal in the healing process. 


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is your angels want to help you with this situation; however, they require your permission before they can intervene in your freewill choices. The card goes on to say that this card indicates that you’ve been going it alone, trying to single-handedly find answers and solutions. All the while, your angels hover nearby awaiting the moment when you give them the go-ahead signal so that they can help you. You drew this card because the angels want to assist you with this situation, but they can only do so if you give them permission. The angels are available to you right now–to answer your questions, give you guidance, and speed your manifestations. It’s true that God and the angels already know what you need. However, because God created you and everyone with free will, Heaven can only intervene is you give permission. It doesn’t matter if you ask for help aloud, in written form, silently, or even what words you choose. What matters is that you ask. If you’re unsure of what to ask for or are concerned about asking for the wrong thing or requesting less than God’s will, then ask Heaven to help you with clarity and courage. Action Steps: Whether you’re seeking answers and guidance, healing and relief, or a manifestation of your earthly material needs, your angels can assist you in powerful ways. Take a moment right now to ask for your angels’ help, silently or aloud. Please don’t worry about asking for the wrong thing or stating your prayer in an incorrect way, as the angels respond to the intention that underlies your request. After you ask for their help, watch for and follow the angels’ replies, which will come in the form of gut feelings, dreams, ideas, and signs. 

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is the answer to your question involves a spiritually based romantic relationship. The card goes on to say that you drew this card because your twin flame is intricately involved with the answer to your question. A twin flame is a romantic partner who originated from your spiritual soul group–this is, he or she is “the one” in terms of soul-mate relationships. Often, twin flames incarnate together during their last lifetime on Earth–after the reincarnation cycle has been completed, and all karma has been balanced. Until that lifetime, however, twin flames usually don’t incarnate simultaneously but instead volunteer to function as one another’s spirit guides. So your twin flame could be guiding you from the other side, helping you with every area of your life, including romance with a soul mate. Action Steps: Write a letter to your twin flame’s guardian angels. Begin the letter with “Dear Guardian Angels of my twin flame,” and then express all of your feelings, thoughts, and questions about your love life. End the letter by asking these angels to prepare you to meet your twin flame or soul mate and to also arrange the visit. You’ll recognize your twin flame or soul mate immediately, and there won’t be any doubt in your heart or mind when you’re face-to-face with him or her. 

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is your life purpose involves writing, reading, editing, or selling spiritually based books. The card goes on to say that you drew this card because you’ve been asking about your life’s purpose. You already now that you have a deep affinity for sacred and spiritual books. This card affirms that you’d be very fulfilled buy taking your love of books to the next level. You’re aware of what this involves because you’ve dreamed of immersing yourself in good books. This card also means that the answer to your question is within books. So pay attention to titles that are recommended to you or books that mysteriously fall from shelves, as they contain guidance for you. This card is a call for you to take definite action toward your book-related dreams. Whether you desire to write a book, open a bookstore, or read more, take the next step without delay. The angels are assisting you with this endeavor, as you’ll read below. Action Steps: Archangel Gabriel is the “messenger angel,” who helps writers, teachers, and others involved with delivering spiritual messages. Either silently or aloud, say: “Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now. Please help increase my courage and confidence to move forward with my book-related desires [tell Gabriel about your dreams related to books]. Thank you for motivating and organizing me so that I spend time every day devoted to my heart’s true desire, allowing my dreams to be manifested in Divinely perfect ways without delay.

My hope for you this week is that you find grounding, so that you have a safe space from which to launch forward. If you find that you’re still holding back from doing what you love, create a sacred area that you feel loved and supported in. Sometimes all we need are a little roots to help us grow. You don’t need to look to others for this; it’s your job to create a solid foundation for your soul. Be bold, be daring, but most importantly, be authentic to yourself <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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