The week ahead: February 5th through February 11th 2018: • How are you guys feeling form last week? Honestly, I thought I might have a meltdown, the emotions that were coming up for me where overwhelming at best. I chose to do something to relax and got some extra sleep which helped immensely. My relationships were definitely in the spotlight, and it [...]


The week ahead: June 13th through June 19th:

• If you're anything like me, you've been told before that you're too emotional. Being a woman (or a sensitive male) we get that a lot in our society. It's a way for others to say you're not being logical about something or an easy way to write you off as being undiscerning. Maybe logic [...]

The week ahead: August 17th through August 23rd:

• I just got wind that Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and luck) is now in the sign of Virgo, as of August 11th. Psychic/Medium and Astrologer Maria Shaw says, "Jupiter in Virgo will affect us all in our own natal charts in some way or another. It will benefit Virgo the most but [...]