The week ahead: January 1st through January 7th 2018: • It's super full moon time on the 1st, Lovelies! This go around, it's in the dreamy, family oriented, motherly sign of Cancer, with a special emphasis on your home and being loved and accepted. This sign is also known for its intuitive nature, so don't be surprised if you feel more in [...]


The week ahead: January 9th through January 15th:

• Yay!! Mercury Retrograde is over as of the 8th and now is the time to take action on what you'd like to accomplish and plant the seeds for growth towards the projects, ideas, and relationships most near and dear to you. This may be an intensely emotional week, since we have a full moon [...]

The week ahead: December 21st through December 27th:

• We have a full moon on Christmas this year! Before you start freaking out, please know that it's in the sign of Cancer, which is known for being all about family, home, and close relationships. This full moon seems to be focusing on relationships and partnerships of all kinds (which full moons always do) [...]