The week ahead: May 15th through May 21st: • This is the last week of Taurus season, so pay close attention this week to what your body is telling you. Taurus is an earthly, sensual sign that likes real tangible things in front of them they can count on; people and material objects (like money in the bank and good investments) [...]


The week ahead: January 30th through February 5th:

• Happy February, Lovelies! This month looks to be a fiery one, so hold on to your hats! We're in the midst of Aquarius season still, so themes of humanitarian efforts, reaching a worldwide audience, anything considered bizarre, different, or strange being front and center, as well as rebelling in any way shape or form [...]

The week ahead: January 11th through the 17th:

• We just had a new moon in the sign of Capricorn on the 9th, and our current situation may be asking us to grow up a little and create some structure in our life. Capricorns are known for being workaholics, adhering to structure and rules. There is a need there to exercise caution and [...]

The week ahead: November 2nd through November 8th:

• A week ago, I prayed for positive change, I prayed for abundance, and I prayed for peace. The day after I prayed for these things with all of my heart, I got my response, but not in the way I had imagined. I suddenly started to have flashbacks again about my childhood and the [...]

The week ahead: August 31st through September 6th:

• We just had a full super moon in Pisces on the 29th. This full moon felt like it was asking us to connect with the deepest parts of our soul and to remember that life offers so much more than meets the eye. Pisces is a very intuitive sign, so your dreams this week [...]

The week ahead: August 3rd through August 9th:

• Venus is back in Leo, who is still retrograde. According to the astrologer Madame Zolonga, during this retrograde time, our values change, our relationships change, and so do we. Don't be surprised if you hear from an old flame now, or old high school pals that want to reminisce about the good 'ol days. [...]