The week ahead: May 14th through May 20th of 2018: • Sweet mother, we have an intense week ahead of us, lovelies. First, we have a new moon in the sign of sensual, earthy, practical, comfort loving Taurus on the 15th/16th. Being in the midst of Taurus season still, themes around beauty, love, money, and your possessions have been on the table to [...]


The week ahead: January 2nd through January 8th:

• Happy New Year, Lovelies!! Now is the perfect time to start planning for your year ahead--with us still being in Capricorn season (and mercury retrograde is in Capricorn until the 4th too, moving into Sagittarius until retrograde ends on the 8th) for 2 more weeks, you have a beautiful window of opportunity here to [...]

The week ahead: September 26th through October 2nd:

• "Extremes are easy. Strive for balance." - Colin Wright We have a new moon coming up on this Friday the 30th. If you've been hiding away under all the blankets you own, hoping that all the fear and war mongering, eclipses and mercury retrograde would pass you by, it's safe to finally emerge from [...]

The week ahead: June 6th through June 12th:

• "Relax don't do it when you want to to go to it" - Frankie Goes to Hollywood I know what this song is originally about, but this week, I'm asking for you to remember these lyrics when you're about to loose your cool. Anger can be a really good cathartic process, helping you to [...]

The week ahead: January 4th through January 10th:

• Oh boy, oh boy... Mercury Retrograde is here again from the 5th till the 25th, Lovelies! I usually have a pretty good spin on Mercury Retrograde, instead choosing to see the good it can produce it making us stop, look, listen, and gather information. It helps us to rework, redo or re anything to [...]

The week ahead: September 28th through October 4th:

• Holy cow! We just had a super blood full moon, total lunar eclipse yesterday in the sign of Aries. The lunar eclipse symbolically tends to super-charge the full moon experience, so if you've felt uber emotional or are having a hard time containing any anger or frustration, make sure you create a safe space [...]

The week ahead: January 20th through January 26th:

Happy Tuesday my lovlies!! Here is the reading for the week ahead. From left to right the cards are numbered, 1, 2, 3. Pick the card you're most drawn to and get ready for your mind to be blown! 🙂 Also, the stone is the picture is black tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding [...]