The week ahead: November 28th through December 4th:

• We have an intense new moon coming up Tuesday the 29th in the sign of Sagittarius! We're still in Sag season too, so the themes will be double this week related to expanding your view (philosophically, spiritually, or even physically; think travel on the last one), going bigger in your dreams and aspirations, and [...]


The week ahead: November 21st through November 27th:

• We are now officially in Sagittarius season! Sagittarius is the sign of the world traveler, and adventure awaits every corner these guys turn (sweet FREEDOM!). The nature of the centaur is curious, energetic, confident, and optimistic with a hunger for knowledge that knows no bounds with a philosophical bent. Ruled by Jupiter (the planet [...]

The week ahead: November 14th through November 20th:

• This week starts off with a spectacular super full moon in Taurus on the 14th! Taurus is a sign of stability, allowing themselves the time to work slowly and methodically towards a goal. An earthy sign, they adore food, sex, and beautiful surroundings to make them feel comfortable. We're in the last week of Scorpio [...]

The week ahead: November 8th through November 13th:

• Sorry for the day late, Lovelies! I had the honor of going back to Holliston, MA to do more readings (and one of the days was sold out! yay!) this past weekend at Body-Wise-Healing, and it was pretty incredible. I got the chance to meet beautiful people, connect them with their loved ones, and [...]