The week ahead: November 21st through November 27th:


We are now officially in Sagittarius season! Sagittarius is the sign of the world traveler, and adventure awaits every corner these guys turn (sweet FREEDOM!). The nature of the centaur is curious, energetic, confident, and optimistic with a hunger for knowledge that knows no bounds with a philosophical bent. Ruled by Jupiter (the planet of good luck and gifts), these guys seem to poop four leaf clovers and gambling is just a way of life, especially when it almost always seems to go their way. You need someone to try a new restaurant with you where they serve strawberry covered scorpions? These are your guys and don’t be surprised if they ask for seconds. Sagg’s scoff at the idea that something is impossible; to them, it’s only a matter of course. With that intensity comes the propensity to be very blunt in the way that they communicate; being a bit careless and tactless with their communication and inconsistent in actions. Pay attention this week that in your drive to achieve something, that you don’t leave others in your wake. Make sure to hear what they have to say and honor others view points—yours is not the only one unless this has to do with fundamental human rights; then what is right, true, and loving must prevail (ask yourself: What would Mother Theresa do?). So how can we use this energy to help us this week? My advice is this: Where in your life can you achieve more freedom? How can you turn an obstacle that you’re going through into an adventure? Maybe you’ve told yourself that you don’t have the means or the intellect to start your own business. You’re letting fear get the best of you and stopping yourself from attaining a goal that you know would make you supremely happy. All you need to do here is to take it one step at a time; do your research and soak up all the information you can on the service you’re trying to provide. Do something little towards your goal so you don’t get overwhelmed and remember, there’s always people waiting to help you. This week, change your perspective and find your freedom. Your wild adventure awaits <3

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one, two, or all three cards–pick what you’re drawn to).  The stone you see in the picture above is carnelian. Orange stones, especially the carnelians, are excellent aids for training, coordination of physical exercise programs, and for balancing body energy levels. Carnelians boost a listless attitude and can stimulate the appetite. Used as a professional support crystal, Carnelian aids architects, builders and construction workers in their creation of master buildings, stimulates power and stamina in athletes and military personnel, establishes form and organization in journalists, and stimulates motivation in salespersons. Carnelian is said to attract prosperity, new resources and good luck. It is a talisman for success in any money-making venture. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition, drive and determination, and wards off undue pressures of co-workers or impersonal corporations with unrealistic expectations. Carnelian clarifies the voice. It is the Singer’s Stone. It also promotes confidence for performances on stage or in live media. Carnelian is traditionally known to guard against falling masonry and accidents with tools. Today it guards the home from theft, fire, storm or accident. Carnelian lends the courage needed to help overcome difficulties and defend a cause. It promotes idealism, a sense of community and pragmatism. Orange and red Carnelian are important crystals to use for love, and for the consummation of love. Orange crystals, in particular, are fertility and potency symbols and are linked with conceiving a child. Carnelian of either color may help in rekindling passions that might have faded in an otherwise loving relationship. If you’d like to learn more about this stone, please go here. 


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about Temperance. Your card goes on to say that Temperance reminds us to be mindful of any decisions we make at this time. There may be a need for balance, moderation, or revaluation of personal goals. In the grand scheme of things, and after everything you have been through, it is important to connect with the larger scope of your life. What gives you a sense of purpose and joy? Temperance also reminds us to be patient, loving, and caring, in order to successfully manifest our hopes and dreams. This card may also be an indication that you should bide your time with any long-term goals, and advance gracefully and methodically with your plans. Harmony comes with moderation in all things, mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual growth comes from learning the big life lessons along the way, through a myriad of experiences–both positive and negative. Questions to ask yourself right now: Have you acknowledged and celebrated all of your achievements? How will you would send to your next spiritual stage of learning? Additional Meanings: Harmony • Balance • Renewal • Adaptation • Moderation • Healing.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about the Knight of Wands. Your card goes on to say that if this is about a situation: If there is something you have been planning on doing, now is the time to take action. This is a card of transformation and new opportunities. It is, however, advised that you move forward methodically and rationally. Make sure you have planned everything out accordingly, or else he may feel too rushed. If this is about a person: The Knight of Wands is an affectionate and disciplined individual. They’re able to balance their emotions in order to take power and control of their lives, but underneath the surface they are highly sensitive. This person does not forget harsh words easily and sometimes has trouble letting go of negative attachments. The Knight of Wands is also very enthusiastic when it comes to getting things done. They have the vision and drive to reach their goals, but can sometimes be too hasty or impulsive. Additional Meanings: Self-assured • Fearless • Confident • Restless.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about Justice. Your card goes on to say that this card indicates a period of deep contemplation as you look to find a solution to a problem or challenge. It is important to understand that the actions you take, the words you speak, and the thoughts you have will directly shape and affect your reality. Justice is a card of energy transference; it describes the cause and effect balance of positive or negative thoughts and actions. How can you learn from experience? You will gain a loving wisdom and deeper spiritual knowledge once you are able to reflect on the choices you have made in the past. Be fair with yourself and others. It is important to not make any assumptions and remain as objective as you can. You alone have the power to manifest your heart’s desire and to experience love and abundance. Questions to ask yourself right now: How can I reflect on my life and take positive steps from here? How can I transform my view of the world around me? Additional Meanings: Legal matters • Impartiality • Business contracts • Truth • Balance • Fairness • Wisdom.

My hope for you this week is that you ask yourself, “why not?” You keep saying to yourself all the reasons you can’t, so cut the shiz. Who are you not to do what you love? Did I mention Sagittarius has confidence in droves? 😀 Build your confidence and know that as you decide that you’re ready for your adventure, your adventure has been ready and waiting for you.

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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