The week ahead: February 29th through March 6th:

• I'm kinda blown away that it's March tomorrow. I feel like it was JUST New Year's eve--right?? Anyway, welcome to the transition of Feb into March, where everything is in flux. We're moving out of one mode of thinking and being with transformative themes, into an even more super packed month full of the [...]


The week ahead: February 22nd through February 28th:

• Yippee! We have a full moon in the sign of Virgo tonight and it looks like everything is about to get more finely tuned and detailed. Where once you felt you didn't have words to explain what was going on, you will suddenly feel like you really have a grasp of what's at hand. [...]

The week ahead: February 8th through February 14th:

• We have a new moon today in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is known for being out there and kinda aloof, but really, this sign is all about the community and the world at large. They wanna see everyone come together and work out their shiz, and they are awesome at seeing how their [...]

The week ahead: February 1st through February 7th:

• Happy February, Lovelies! Let's talk about self love today. I know it's not a fun talk, or a pretty one, but it's one we need to discuss, especially since all signs are pointing to this being a major theme this month. I wanted to bring it up also because it's been continually coming forth [...]