The week ahead: June 17th through June 23rd:


Ok, I know it’s been hot and humid outside but this week starts off asking you return to the outdoors. If you look at the card, the angel is picking flowers to take with her. If you don’t already have fresh flowers or a plant next to your bed, this would be a great time to purchase what catches your eye. The extra oxygen will help you sleep better at night and the beautiful colors will give you an extra pop of energy in the morning. Have pets? Do a terrarium. My cats are a nightmare when it comes to keeping plants safe, so a terrarium has been the perfect solution. The card goes on to say that this signifies your special connection to flowers, whose fragrance, color, and beauty provide healing blessings. As you grow, admire, photograph, and work with blossoms, so too does your connection with the Divine “blossom.” Your affinity for flowers is just beginning, and spending time among them will help every part of your life bloom. You may literally work with flowers – for example as a gardener, florist, or flower essence healer. Or it may be that spending personal time with these lovely features of the natural world sparks your creative ideas about a new career path or the one you’re already on. Action Steps: Whether your relationship with flowers in destined to become a career or an avocation, spend time with them today. Walk through a flower shop and notice which color bloom your drawn to. This flower holds healing properties that you need right now. If possible, take it home and spend time absorbing its color & fragrance. Trust the flower’s wisdom and power to help you upon your life purpose pathway. 

The middle of the weeks card may look a bit confusing. Is it saying you should read oracle cards? Maybe so, but I feel what the card is trying to get across is to trust your own feelings. Especially if you get those “gut” feelings, this card is asking you to pay special attention right now and follow through on what you feel. So often we look outside ourselves for answers, so it’s time to ask yourself what the right course of action is. Action Steps: When speaking with your loved ones this week, pay attention to the feelings you receive while having a conversation. Notice how you feel when they say certain words or phrases and really tune into what they are speaking about. Not only will you get a better understanding of the person you’re listening to but you’ll be training yourself to understand your emotions, which are your own personal gps system to what’s going on around and within you.

This is one of my favorite cards in the Life Purpose deck. You can feel how emotional he is as he’s on his knees, asking for guidance. Who hasn’t felt this way? I always seem to get this card when I forget to ask for help. Too often, I think I can handle everything on my own. There is no shame in asking for help from someone else or the Divine. One of the (many) reasons we are down here is to help each other. So, don’t delay, talk to your angels or your husband or wife or parents about what you need help with today. If you notice on the card, the angel is cloaked in a sapphire blue robe which is the color of your throat chakra. Your throat chakra governs how you communicate with the world, so this card is also a call for you to speak your truth with love. The card goes on to say that this serves as a reminder that you can ask your angels for help and guidance in any area of your life, including your career and finances. You most likely drew this card because you’ve been worrying or complaining lately. The angels teach that worry never improves any situation, and may actually worsen things through the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, you can turn any worry into prayer. That is, change a low-energy worry–for instance, “I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills”–into a positive prayer such as: “Thank you, God, for helping provide for my family’s needs,” or “Please guide my steps so that I make money in meaningful ways.” Action Steps: Prayers allow God and the angels to intervene on your freewill choices. First, they’ll boost your mood and faith, which will help you feel happier and more peaceful. Then they’ll lend you aid in miraculous ways, such as giving you intuitive urges to take certain action steps. Together, you and Heaven co-create the answers to your prayers. Please always remember that your Creator wants you to be happy, healthy, and safe, just as any loving parent does. You, like everyone, deserve to be helped so that you have the time and energy to devote to your life purpose. 

Remember this week to get outside and spend time in nature. If you don’t have time to do this, go to the florist and purchase some flowers or a plant to put next to your bed. This simple act will inspire you to move forward and overcome whatever you feel is holding you back. Pay attention to your feelings. They were instilled in you to give you guidance. Work on knowing yourself in a more profound way so you can understand what your emotions mean to you. And finally, ask for help. If you find at the end of the week that you can no longer handle the world on your shoulders, ask a loved one or the Divine for some help. Make sure to use the action steps if you get stuck! 

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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