The week ahead: April 13th through April 19th:


Expect the unexpected this week…I’m being serious. Flexibility is being asked for here as we enter into the new moon on the 18th. Very high highs and very low lows are expected to pop up out of nowhere; maybe one right after the other. If you lay low and hope for the storm to pass or everything to go back to normal, you’ll be sitting out for awhile. This new moon is shaking things up and asking you to do the same. “The same old thing” isn’t working anymore. It’s time to shift your perspective so that you allow newer, better things in. Usher in this transformative energy by deep cleaning your house or car, taking out old clothes and donating them, or ending a relationship or project that isn’t making your life better. If you’ve been going through some of the low points, avoid playing the martyr; this will only keep you stuck in a rut. Instead, see the gifts this change has brought you and start to prep for things to get better. In order for something new to come to your life, the old must sometimes fall away. The biggest message at this time is to let go. If you can release your hold on what or how you think the situation should go, life will go so much smoother for you. Even though you may not be able to see it now, your future is getting brighter and brighter. For those experiencing the high points right now, keep your positive energy going. This will fuel your next step and light the way into the next phase of your evolution. No matter what occurs for you this week and this month, always take action that aligns you with your greatest good, and you’ll be able to weather any storm (happy or sad) that blows your way.

Go ahead and pick a card (or all of them) from above. The stone you see in the picture is rainforest jasper. Rainforest Jasper is the green form of Rhyolite… and is also known as Australian Rainforest Jasper. This is a stone that has a soft gradual energy… and will contribute to more cheerful, pleasant people entering your life. If you are person who is passionate about the earth and who feels that it is time to step forward to help heal the earth, then the energy of this stone will be of benefit to you. It gives you a deeper connection with nature and with plants, trees and animals… and with Mother Gaia herself. It has a vibration of happiness and joy for life that will flow outwards… throughout your life. This stone also carries a strong vibration for change. If you’d like to know more about rainforest jasper, please go here.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is to be honest with yourself. Only you know what it is that you truly desire. Your card goes on to say that this card indicates that you’ve been concealing something from yourself. What is it? Your emotions are true and accurate, and they’re trying to get your attention. Right now, admit your deepest feelings to yourself. Know that it’s safe for you to engage in this self-honesty. Your genuine feelings form the compass that points you in the best direction and guides you to the answers you seek. Trust any changes you make will come about in harmonious ways. You’ll be glad that you admitted your true feelings to yourself! Additional Meanings: Allow other people to get to know the real you • Retain your integrity by following the path that you know is right for you • Be yourself • Face your fears head on.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is to leave the unhealthy situation, and enjoy the new doors that open as a result! Your card goes on to say that it’s safe for you to make your desired change. You’ve been wanting to do so, but have hesitated out of fears about what the future holds and how people will react to your decision. This card validates that it really is time to leave–you’ll be happier and healthier as a result. Ask the fairies to smooth the path of your transition and lend the necessary support. The sooner you make this change, the sooner you’ll experience the bliss that your future has in store for you! Additional Meanings: Be assertive and tell someone your true feelings • Make a commitment to yourself, and vow to keep it • Start planning now so that you’re able to leave, such as calling a support group, updating your resume, or squirreling money away • Go for helpful and vigorous walks.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is to allow your true self to shine because you’re awesome! Your card goes on to say that you drew this card because you worry about social acceptance. The fairies want to celebrate your uniqueness, since to them you’re delightful and perfect just as you are right now. The fairies love your creativity, and they urge you to just be yourself. Don’t squelch your true self in order to gain others’ approval. Pretending doesn’t work anyway, and you can’t please everyone. Instead, enjoy being authentic and trust that like-minded people will be attracted to you. Additional Meanings: Dress in a way that makes you happy • Trust and follow through with your creative ideas and visions • Speak your truth • Join the Red Hat Society, and international social group for fun loving women over 50 • Express your creativity through an artistic project or new business idea.

My hope for you this week is that you allow what needs to go, go and that when things are really good, that you ride that happy wave all way to the next one. Stop railing against change when it comes knocking at your door. It could be the opportunity you’ve been praying for in disguise <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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