The week ahead: October 6th through October 12th:


The full moon is almost here! The 8th will herald the full moon in Aries and is asking that you take a look back to April to see what is coming to a culmination. April was a pretty turbulent time for a lot of us, with a grand cardinal cross and a lunar eclipse in one month. It sure packed a punch for me, but it highlighted some things that needed my immediate attention, both in my physical world and my emotional. At this full moon (which will be the second lunar eclipse of the year), give thanks for what is brought to light and listen to the messages it brings you. This full moon just wants to make sure you heard your call loud and clear from April, so pay attention to what’s being brought up again and tie those loose ends. I think we all need a little magic in our lives this week too, so get out and do something that inspires you or makes you feel awe. Nothing says magic more to me than the changing of the seasons and I LOVE to watch the trees change color in the Shenandoah Valley, so I know I need to take a relaxing car ride down the skyline drive. Don’t know what is magic to you? Maybe you could write down a list of all the ways you’ve changed or the things you’ve done since last year, or April. It may surprise you about how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished, and nothing is cooler than having awe in yourself.

Go ahead and pick a card from above. The cards are numbered from left to right; 1, 2, 3. The shiny stone you see is a tumbled hematite. Hematite is a stone that is most commonly — and most strongly — used to ground or stabilize and for protection. In spiritual work, hematite is an excellent stone to help keep yourself also connected to the Earth plane, as some would say via the silver cord, so that your spiritual learning and travels can be done safely and things learned can be brought back to daily life more easily. Hematite is used to bring mental organization and is very grounding and calming. It can help with original thinking, logical thinking, mathematics, and any type of thinking which requires significant mental organization. Emotionally, hematite decreases negativity. This lowering of negativity can benefit by helping balance the body/mind/spirit connection.  It also is said to balance the meridians, boost self-esteem, and self-confidence.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is to think about the people and things you feel grateful for. Your card goes on to say that gratitude warms your heart with good feelings that are healthy for your mind and body. You can make yourself feel better by making a list of everyone and everything you’re thankful for. Gratitude replaces sadness, and makes everything go better. Gratitude is such a powerful way to make your life better that it’s almost magical! Everyone loves a thankful person. They want to be friends with, give to, and help a person that says “Thanks you.” When you say “Thank you” and really mean it, you find more reasons to feel gratitude. People who aren’t grateful or who have self-pity actually make themselves sad. They can’t understand why other people avoid them, and why they don’t receive many gifts. They take away their own power because they believe that life doesn’t give them much. But if you count your blessings and think about all the reasons you have to feel grateful, then you’ll see how generous life really is. The more you believe that “life gives me lots of gifts,” the more you’ll receive. Then you’ll want to give to others, too. To get more out of life, stop and feel grateful for all that you’ve received so far. Then, get ready to feel gratitude for countless blessings that are coming to you now!

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is that the changes that you’re going through are positive. Your card goes on to say that at times, we’re afraid of making changes because we don’t know what will happen in the future. This card wants you to know that the changes you’re going through are for the best. You’re walking through a gate into a new life. Don’t worry about your future, because it’s all going to work out just fine. These changes come, in part, because you’re growing older. You like different things now, compared to when you were younger. It’s ok for you to change, because change is apart of life. In the same way, your friends and family members will change as they grow older. You’re all letting go of things that no longer work for you, and you’re bringing in the new. Even though these changes may seem to make your family and friends act differently, in the end everyone will be closer. You’ll make new friends through these changes, too. Yet, even happy life change can create stress that affects your body, energy, and moods. So, it’s more important than ever to take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercise, and time for play. Also, talking about your feelings with friends and family members can help. This card may also be asking you to change something in your life that’s making you unhappy or unhealthy–for example, changing a habit or relationship. The first thing you think about is correct. Ask your angels, the unicorns, and your friends and family members to help you with this change if it feels difficult or frightening. Support is very important during times of change. If you can learn to enjoy life’s changes, you’ll enjoy life itself much more.


If you chose card #3: Your message this week is that it’s time to let go of anger or blame. Your card goes on to ask, are you blaming someone or something? Are you feeling angry? This card tells you that blame and anger are holding you back. Blame takes away your power and gives it to the other person. You have a lot of power, and one way to feel it is by letting your anger go. You don’t need to forgive the other person’s actions if they really hurt you, but you do need to stop seeing that person as an enemy, because this anger is toxic to you and your body. You know that happy thoughts make your life happy. Well, angry thoughts can bring more anger into your life. The unicorns know that this isn’t what you want, so they ask you to give your anger to them, and also to your angels. Being free of anger and blame gives you more power and energy, and will make you feel happy. Are you mad at yourself for some reason? If so, this card means that you need to forgive yourself. You can learn from your past and grow much stronger by letting go of anger towards yourself. You can do this by understanding why you acted as you did. You probably had a good reason for your actions at the time. Now, after thinking about it, you may wish you had acted differently. But regrets aren’t helpful unless they help you learn. Everyone is learning as they go through life, even adults. Do your best to understand this, and you’ll be able to let go of anger toward yourself and others. This is what it means to forgive.

My hope for you this week is that you see the silver lining in your situation. I hope that you can cultivate gratitude for what you have and be thankful for all that you are. I also hope that you have the strength to say goodbye to what is holding you back and you can forgive yourself for letting it go. Sometimes, these are the two hardest parts of moving forward. Love yourself and allow what’s coming to an end to be finished.

This is your week! Make in an amazing one 🙂

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