The week ahead: January 13th through January 19th:


This is the week of the full moon! Whatever intentions you planted at the new moon on the 1st, should be coming to fruition now. I chose the stones moldavite and clear quartz to assist us this week in our endeavors. Moldavite is an excellent stone in assisting one to reach their higher self and attain new spiritual heights. Clear quartz is a beautiful amplifier of positive energy and also of other stones it’s coupled with.

Choose your card by picking a number. From left to right, the cards are numbered 1, 2, 3.


If you chose #1: Your message this week is to trust the creative spark you’re feeling and express it through writing stories that inspire and enlighten. The card goes on to say that the pulse of creativity is especially strong right now, triggering a not unfamiliar and compelling desire to express yourself through creative writing. Whether or not the tales you weave are true, whether they’re based on actual experience or the imagination of your fertile mind, each day sit yourself down and pour out the words that come to you. Don’t ponder each sentence or paragraph; just write whatever wants to be written through you. To inspire and enlighten others, you don’t need a profoundly complex tale. Start by describing a personal experience, one where you gained some insight that may also be useful for others. However, don’t focus on how people will respond to your story; instead, just enjoy the process of writing without judging yourself or your work. Write to express–not to impress. In attempting to write, you may find yourself easily distracted, either with others’ needs for your time and attention or with those negative thoughts and beliefs that are the product of judgments and shame that you were subjected to during childhood. A powerful way to release these habitual and self-limiting thoughts and feelings is to write about them in story form. As you do so, don’t hold back anything. Through such a catharsis, you heal those words that had originally wounded you. Associations: Wisdom • Weaving • Balance • Storytelling • Writing • Connectedness • Inspiration • Femininity • Nurturing • Communication • Imagination • Individuality.

If you chose #2: Your message this week is to face your problems head-on with confidence and courage, and you will emerge victorious. The card goes on to say that whatever difficulties you’re experiencing now, whether with a relationship, career path, or some other concern, dig in and rummage around until you discover how to solve the problem. Then take immediate action to remedy it. Every time you confront adverse situations in this way, you’ll be uprooting those elements in your life that appear to be obstacles to fulfilling your purpose. Life can sometimes be very uncooperative with your rational minds sensible order, and will at times block your demands of how events or experiences should unfold. If you’re living on earth, you’re going to get your feet muddy sometimes, but it’s no call for panic, crisis, or drama. Instead, take a couple of deep breaths and view whatever problem you encounter as simply something that needs to be taken care of. As the saying goes, there really are no problem–only creative possibilities. Once you’ve emerged victorious–which means that you’ve either conquered your problem or changed your thinking about how you initially perceived the situation–you’ll experience a surge of power and confidence. Remember that your power originates from Source, expressed through you and as you. When you vanquish the illusion of this situation being a problem, you’ll not only feel a greater sense of relief and freedom, but you’ll also open the way for your heart, mind, and soul to be more in alignment with the Will of Spirit. When you operate from that perspective, you can overcome anything! Associations: Courage •  Hospitality • Earthiness • Self-Reliance • Protection • Prosperity • Organization • Fierceness • Uprooting • Cleanliness • Determination • Balance • Security • Tenacity.

If you chose #3: Your message this week is to take some time out of your usual life and spend it in solitude. The card goes on to say that it can be difficult these days to spend time in solitude–to unplug, get off the electronic grid, and find a quiet place in or near Nature–yet it’s important to do so at this time. Turn off the phone, computer, and television, if only for a few hours. Although you may feel a little anxious and restless when you first do so, these feelings will pass. Use the time for contemplation and meditation. It’s not isolation; it’s solitude. Solitude is a conscious and loving choice to be alone for a period of time, while isolation is a habitual and reflexive coping pattern to avoid discomfort and intimacy. If possible, take a full day by yourself, and just do whatever you feel like doing. Whatever length of time you spend in solitude, be sure to write as often as you can in your journal. If you should feel guilty or anxious at the thought of doing this or even while you’re doing it, use your breath to help you relax. As much as you possibly can during the period of time alone, remind yourself to breath and relax. Whenever you notice your breathing becoming shallow, take 3 or 4 slow, deep breaths and watch how your tension and anxiety dissipate. Enjoy the feeling of having the sacred space of solitude surrounding you. And remember: you’re never really alone. Associations: Solitude • Self-Reliance • Balance • Silence • Stealth • Confidence • Determination • Perseverance • Containment • Sensitivity • Intuition • Reliability • Mysterious • Integration • Shamanism.

I hope this week’s reading gives you food for thought, and frees your mind and emotions so you can move forward with whatever brings you joy. Give it all you have this week. Keep your promise to yourself and keep pushing forward!

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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