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Did you hear some disconcerting guidance last week? I know I did. It was only disconcerting to me because it made me face myself, and I didn’t like what I saw. The point of this guidance was to wake me from my lull of apathy. I opposed this guidance in my head at first, but as I became honest with myself, I could see clearly just how correct it was. There will always be something to work on, to tweak, to fix within myself and I certainly didn’t come down to Earth as a perfect human. After a couple hours of really being true with myself, this guidance has now become a driving force for change in my life. The beginning of the week asks that you come to the same conclusion; you are human and you heard this advice to help you get to where you want to be, no matter how much it may have stung to hear it. If you look at the first card, you’ll notice the man has a blank canvas in front of him but is looking at a picture of mountains as reference. The angel is pointing to the blank canvas though, so this says to me that you may need to adapt your goals and priorities after the guidance you heard. I don’t think it will be a whole new goal or priority, but more of an adjusting of your view so you truly see what you’re going after. The real question here is, ‘What will I paint on my canvas?’ What will your perspective of abundance look like now? With everything that has come to light for you, I feel your canvas will be far more bright and colorful and you’ll be able to see more than just one mountain on a landscape. The card goes on to say that the angels gave you this card because they want you to believe in your ideas, which are answers to your prayers, and you can trust them. You’ll be supported as you move forward to put your ideas into action, as long as you check in with your angels regularly for continued guidance. If you ever feel vulnerable, ask your angels to reassure you with emotional, spiritual, and material comfort. Additional Meanings: Don’t worry about the details, as they’ll take care of themselves as you go along • Go for it! • Your idea is valid and Divinely inspired • You’re safe to make changes and move forward.

The middle of the week wants to talk about a heartbreaking situation that happened in your past, and I feel like you’ve been thinking about this specific situation non-stop lately. The point is to get to a space where you can see what happened as a blessing in disguise. If you look to the angel, you’ll see she has two necklaces on. The first one is a heart that is broken in two (how you felt maybe?) and the lower necklace represents her sacral chakra which is the chakra that houses your creative and sexual energies – your ability to nurture and give birth to the seeds of life. It is considered to be the relationship chakra because it represents your ability to relate to other people. So, this tells me that whatever happened, broke your heart and made you feel like you had no personal power, and you’ve been carrying these feelings with you the whole time. Know that what happened was an answered prayer, and as this situation resolves in your heart and your mind, you’ll understand the reasons behind your present situation. The card goes on to say that the angels sent you this card to help you recognize the blessing in the midst of an apparent challenge. What you’ve appeared to have lost needed to fall away, and will be replaced with something better. Have no fear for your future, but continue praying and following the guidance that comes to you through repetitive feelings, thoughts, visions, and words. Additional Meanings: One door closes, another one opens • The “how” is up to God with respect to the best way to answer prayers • Release the need to control and predict the outcome of this situation • Trust.

The end of the week asks that you snap out of it. You have too much energy going in too many directions and it’s left you scattered and exhausted. If you look to the card, the angel is moving to the left (future) but is pointing to the right (past), while to her left are butterflies (transformation) and to the right she is pointing to flowers that have bloomed (realized or finished goals). This is confusing to say the least. Here is what this says to me — You know you’re like the caterpillar (moving forward and transforming) but you’re talking or acting like you’re already the butterfly. This card is a call to stop and smell the roses and just be happy and grateful for where you are right now. That is your direction, this is your movement. Moving for the sake of moving isn’t going to get you where you want to go any faster and you’re missing the best parts if you aren’t present for the transformation. If you look to the card again, the angel’s face is looking to the right (past) but her body is moving to the left (future). This says to me that you’re reluctant to move forward, even though it’s everything you want. You may be apprehensive about what’s to come or there may be fear about what you should be doing. Do yourself a favor and focus on the flowers (what you’re grateful for/what’s good in your life right now) and let the caterpillar (Your higher self/Universe) do it’s job. You can’t stop change and you can’t force things to move if the timing isn’t right. What you can do is be grateful for your job, your car, your house, the clothes on your back or the love in your heart… you get the idea. Prioritize where your energy goes and watch yourself transform into the butterfly of your dreams. The card goes on to say that this card is a signal that your energy and attention need to be grounded. If you’ve been feeling spacey , confused, or forgetful, this card speaks to the reason. “Ungroundedness” means that your attention is directed up too high–as if you’re not in your body. A balance is needed between a focus on spirit and a focus on Earth. You can ground yourself by walking barefoot on grass or soil, by eating foods from the ground like potatoes or carrots, by rubbing your bare feet, by touching a tree or plant, or by visualizing roots coming from the bottom of your feet into the earth. Grounding will help you to better concentrate and focus, and will also increase your connection to the angels. Additional Meanings: Spend time gardening • Work with flower essences • Adjust your diet and lifestyle habits so that they support your mental and physical awareness • Make sure the words you speak or write are practical, grounded, and understandable • Be down-to-earth authentic in your relationships • Send love and light to Mother Earth.

This week may prove to be unsettling and a bit boisterous with a call to see yourself clearly, let go of old baggage and to allow your life to flow. Enlightenment isn’t always namastes and chai tea– a lot of it’s wading through the gunk and dirt of your emotions and perspectives, to unearth the jewel that is your life. The best way to do any of this is to be honest with yourself. It may sound cheesy, but the rest will fall into place. Today, stand tall, look yourself in the eye (figuratively speaking), and call yourself out. You know best how scattered you’ve been and it’s alright. Tomorrow you can prove how wonderful you truly are. Give yourself the chance to be better and the Universe will support you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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