The week ahead: December 25th through December 31st:

• The video will be back next week! • Merry Holidays, my powerful ones! Welcome to Capricorn season! As of the 21st, the sea goat is now in charge, and honestly, I don't know if you could ask for a better teacher of discipline. The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the "no excuses" planet, [...]


The week ahead: March 13th through March 19th:

• We just had a full moon in Virgo yesterday on the 12th, and you should still be able to feel the affects pretty powerfully this week. First of all, I don't think Virgo's get enough attention for their sense of humor—these guys are straight hilarious and they don't care if you get it or [...]

The week ahead: February 29th through March 6th:

• I'm kinda blown away that it's March tomorrow. I feel like it was JUST New Year's eve--right?? Anyway, welcome to the transition of Feb into March, where everything is in flux. We're moving out of one mode of thinking and being with transformative themes, into an even more super packed month full of the [...]

The week ahead: February 16th through February 22nd:

• Guess what lovelies? We have a new moon in Aquarius coming up this Wednesday the 18th! This whole last month has felt like a massive time of endings, only to be followed by new beginnings that seem weird or out of place. I feel like the lot of us have been wandering around, looking [...]