The week ahead: May 23rd through May 29th:

• I've been getting a lot of requests lately for readings about life purpose and it really had me thinking about why so many people don't know what theirs is. I remembered when I started this journey 4 years ago (I've been bringing you the weekly for 3 of those years now--wow!! It's an honor, [...]


The week ahead: November 16th through November 22nd:

• Neptune is going direct on the 18th after a 5 month retrograde period. Since June, things may have felt a bit stark, and the real world a bit ugly and possibly terrifying (ie the recent attacks on anywhere in the world has probably felt more intense and close to home than you were bargaining [...]

August 24th through August 30th:

• I'd like to talk today about a little something called burnout. Burnout affects your whole body; your mind feels foggy and you can't remember anything to save your life, your body may feel sore or you may pull muscles more easily with no good reason for it (some people like to make the excuse [...]

The week ahead: June 22nd through June 28th:

• Happy Summer Solstice, lovelies! Yesterday marked the longest day of the year and the day that the sun moved into Cancer, highlighting all things close to home; perfect day for Father's day! Today, lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus align and help us to re-imagine our life goals and direction. What this could mean for [...]

The week ahead: May 25th through May 31st:

• I'm shocked at how emotional this past week has been. I honestly shouldn't be considering we're still dealing with Mars in Gemini (look back 2 weeks ago to read up on that, if you missed it), so that means your words might come out angrier or harsher than expected (or really feel)--or before your [...]

The week ahead: March 23rd through March 29th:

• How are you guys feeling from last week? The general consensus I keep hearing is "exhausted!" We had a new moon solar eclipse, AND spring equinox all in one day on the 20th. Whatever needed flushed out of your life was either final on that day, or just started to remove the roots from [...]

The week ahead: February 2nd through February 8th:

• We have a full moon this week on the 3rd in the sign of Leo, and the mercury retrograde isn't finished until the 11th. Roads less traveled are highlighted here, and asks where in your life can you take the less traveled path. If you're not getting to where you want to be, take [...]