The week ahead: May 14th through May 20th of 2018: • Sweet mother, we have an intense week ahead of us, lovelies. First, we have a new moon in the sign of sensual, earthy, practical, comfort loving Taurus on the 15th/16th. Being in the midst of Taurus season still, themes around beauty, love, money, and your possessions have been on the table to [...]


The week ahead: April 24th through April 30th: The videos are back! Enjoy ❤ • We have a new moon this Wed the 26th in the super practical, sensual, and grounded sign of Taurus and it's officially Taurus season, too! Taurus also likes money (lots of it), good food, and all the security and beautiful things you can throw at them. [...]

The week ahead: May 2nd through May 8th:

• Personal growth and transformation seem to be the name of the game for the new moon in Taurus on the 6th. Taurus loves all things comfort and beauty and has the propensity to overindulge in food, drink, and sex, so if you're partying this week/end, make sure to slow your roll. Maybe this new [...]

The week ahead: May 18th through May 24th:

• I'm pretty excited about this new moon tonight in Taurus! Known as the grounded feminine sign, Taurus is all about stability, security (financially and physically), and manifestation, as well as self-worth, personal values, and our personal mastery over all things physical and Earthly. A new moon in Taurus means that this is the perfect [...]