The week ahead: July 10th through July 16th:

• Weekly video should be back next week! • We're still in Cancer season this week as we're all recovering from an intense full moon this past weekend. Cancer is ruled by the moon and is the sign of family, home, mother, heritage, roots, your private life, and your home. SO if you find this [...]


The week ahead: July 27th through August 2nd:

• This week we have full blue moon on the 31st in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary and rebel, always looking for new ways to improve this world. Aquarius's are also very future oriented, chasing new horizons. At the full moon, this energy might assist you to step into your authenticity, helping [...]

The week ahead: May 25th through May 31st:

• I'm shocked at how emotional this past week has been. I honestly shouldn't be considering we're still dealing with Mars in Gemini (look back 2 weeks ago to read up on that, if you missed it), so that means your words might come out angrier or harsher than expected (or really feel)--or before your [...]