The week ahead: July 23rd through July 29th of 2018:

• Buckle in Lovelies, shits about to get real this week. To start off, welcome to Leo season! As of yesterday, we moved into the sign of the lion. Heart centered, warm, gregarious, and just a touch dramatic, Leo's are well known as the leaders, actors, managers and entertainers of the zodiac. Some themes that [...]


The week ahead: August 7th through August 13th: • Wheweee! Can you guys FEEL the full moon lunar eclipse tonight? I feel like every part of me is electrified and I'm ready for what's coming next. We're still in Leo season, so pay attention to themes of working with our inner child, being creative, taking pride in what we do and our [...]

The week ahead: August 15th through August 21st:

• We have a full moon this Thursday the 18th in the sign of Aquarius! As you well know, full moons are a time of completion, where new projects we started at the new moon, start to show their potential now. We can close one chapter and continue on to the next, granted that we've [...]

The week ahead: July 27th through August 2nd:

• This week we have full blue moon on the 31st in Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary and rebel, always looking for new ways to improve this world. Aquarius's are also very future oriented, chasing new horizons. At the full moon, this energy might assist you to step into your authenticity, helping [...]