The week ahead: July 13th through July 19th:

• It looks like we have a full moon in Cancer coming up this week on the 15th. This may be a very intense, emotional week for many. Do yourself a favor and don't blow a gasket if someone makes an off handed remark or acts in a selfish/stupid manner. Take a deep breath, hold [...]


The week ahead: February 23rd through March 1st:

• I want to talk today about working with what you've got. I personally have a tendency to think "Only if I [whine here] then I can do [cry here]" situations and then resolve to do nothing. "Only if" statements keep you stuck; running in place, doing the same thing. When I get stuck on [...]

The week ahead: January 5th through January 11th:

• New year and a full moon! What a week we just got through. If you're still feeling a bit emotional, blame some of that on this Cancer Full Moon we just had yesterday. If you'd like to read more about it, please visit my Facebook page for an awesome article on the aspects at [...]

The week ahead: May 5th through May 11th:

•I just came back from the most amazing weekend of my life! I had the opportunity to work with the amazing John Holland, and to develop my mediumship abilities. For me, it was life changing. I came away with so much information about myself; my abilities and how I work, as well as the obstacles [...]

The week ahead: March 17th through the 23rd:

•Whew! I'm just now catching up to myself. I feel like I've been going a 1,000 miles a minute and I just got to catch my breath. This week has been a roller coaster; full of catching up with the outside world and emerging from the slow winter's pace. Spring is here in 2 days [...]

The week ahead: November 18th through November 24th:

This week's theme is all about pushing forward, even if you're not ready. While your major transformations have been going on in the forefront of your life, this week asks you to push them aside for one moment and focus on the road ahead. It's easy to get sidetracked, and that's exactly what's happened. All [...]