The week ahead: May 4th through May 10th of 2020:

We have a full moon this week in the sign of Scorpio on the 7th. Anytime Scorpio shows up, things get intense, and to boot, it’s another super moon (meaning it’s close to earth), ramping up the emotional and psychic nature of this sign. Water signs don’t mess around, and getting to the heart of the matter is important; it allows you the opportunity to cleanse yourself of any toxicity and start anew, and considering Scorpio is known for death, birth and rebirth, now is your time to face what comes up from the past and if you’re ready to heal through it.

Pluto is also retrograde (and rules Scorpio), meaning it’s asking us to go within, doubling up on the themes around inner work, trusting where our emotions and intuition are guiding us, and renewal. Like I said last week, Pluto and Scorpio are well known for freedom through release, so know when it feels like you can’t handle what rears it’s ugly head, Pluto will step in to remind you that the only thing you have to fear, is fear itself.

In the midst of Taurus season, this earthy energy has a stabilizing effect to our Scorpio talks about our most vulnerable spaces. There may even be an emphasis on power, money or sexuality; these are deep themes we normally don’t share with just anyone that are coming up for review, so consider grounding yourself in some way by starting a savings account, coming to terms with or opening up to how you identify, or deciding to take back your power by taking action around what you can do right now.  These are just a few options, but remember there is a practical solution to most problems. Sometimes it just takes confronting the issue and allowing yourself to feel what you’ve been avoiding. Truly at this full moon, your power is your vulnerability–give yourself permission to release what’s holding you back 💖

So how can we work with the energy this week? My advice is this: Work with the elemental energy of this season and the full moon by using water and earth to assist in what you’re trying to do. A beautiful way to honor yourself at this full moon would be to go outside in your bare feet and meditate, work in your garden, or go for a walk in nature, then to follow it up with a cleansing bath with Epsom salts, magnesium flakes. Add in for extra oomph any combo of rosemary, frankincense and palo santo or sweet orange or lavender essential oils with black obsidian and/or amethyst crystals.

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one, two, or all three cards–choose what you’re drawn to). The top card is the overarching theme for everyone and it’s something to keep in mind or to remember, no matter what energy shows up for you as the week goes on. The stone you see in the picture above is black obsidian. A pure, glossy black that may appear deep brown when light is shined on thin edges. Ruled by the planet Pluto, Black Obsidian is a teacher stone and could be deemed the “Warrior of Truth.” It is the most powerful of the Obsidians and does not cater to the ego; rather it exposes darkened areas of the subconscious to force one to face one’s true self. It assists in examining unresolved issues and harmful attitudes inhibiting one’s personal and spiritual growth. Black Obsidian works quickly and can be overwhelming as it rushes negative emotions and difficult truths to the surface to be experienced and released. It should only be used if one is educated on its power and prepared to withstand the process in order to achieve deep healing. It is best used under the guidance of a qualified therapist or healer, and other, gentler forms of Obsidian may be used for this process. Black Obsidian also carries the inherent frequency of protection, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments, hooks and cords, as well as eliminating negative energies within the self and one’s environment. This protective shield enables one to go back into past lives for healing and to work on ancestral and family lines. It is ideal for use in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders. Black Obsidian slabs, mirrors and spheres are excellent gazing and scrying tools for meditation, divining insight into the future, inducing creativity, and communicating with souls who have passed over. It is an excellent talisman for self-control, reversing previous misuse of power, and addressing power issues on all levels. If you’d like to learn more about this stone, please go here. 

Overarching theme: Nine of Wands: As you continue moving on and striving to reach your goals, a minor setback or obstacle might suddenly get in the way. This card asks you to step into your resilience and inner resolve – you are almost there, so now is not the time to give up! Your hard work and efforts are close to a state of completion and success, and you have the inner strength and perseverance to keep on rising. As time goes by and you become more accustomed to these shifting cycles within your own work and power, you may also be aware of other people who will try and deplete your energy and confidence. This is only natural and may come with the territory of being successful. Do not let go of the root of your inner strength: it too is rising and learning to evolve and transform. Questions to ask yourself this week: Am I able to deflect and transmute the negative blocks? Is there any energetic cords that need to be cut off? Your mantra: My energy is clear. Each challenge makes me stronger. Additional Meanings: Competition • Gain • Success • Strength • Defiance.

If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about The Sun. Your card goes on to say that the gentle message of this key connects directly to your heart – the sun of the body – and replenishes your life with warmth and radiance. When it’s light shines through, all avenues of personal fulfillment and success are imbued with abundance, as the universe supports and nurtures your path. This positive energy also amplifies your inner strength, as your optimism and joy have come to a peak – you realize the underlying current of love that serves your Highest Self, and you are excelling in new and vibrant ways. When you resonate with this high vibration, it is only natural that more light will shine down upon you and the ones you love. Bask in this healing, transformational energy; it has guided you this far. A time to pour all of your enthusiasm and vitality into your dreams. Questions to ask yourself right now: How can I maintain this luminous mindset and light? Am I ready to celebrate the beautiful path of my life? Additional Meanings: Inner child • Success • Soul family • Celebration • Love.
If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about The Star. Your card goes on to say that this is a beautiful message to receive, the gentle magic of The Star connects with your inner voice of inspiration and the divine blueprint of your soul. This marks a celebrated time of renewal and peace, when the journey of your spirit reaches new peaks of fulfillment. This key also illuminates a good balance of creativity, work, and blissful aspirations, when you first see the path ahead of you, and knowing how to gauge your steps. After emerging from a phase of instability or stress, you are now ready to replenish your spiritual and emotional reserves, to start afresh. As you bask in this energy, you reconnect with the universal source of all wisdom and truth, feeling the flow and divinity of your own inner light. You are infinite and ever-shifting, as a sacred note in this Universal song. Questions to ask yourself right now: What next steps await my own spiritual growth? How can I bask in the light that surrounds me? Additional Meanings: Healing • Bliss • Hope • Spiritual love • Inspiration.
If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about the Queen of Swords. Your card goes on to say that the Queen of Swords is able to see through illusion and deception, speaking their truth at any given time. Highly perceptive, analytical and straightforward, they embody a deep maturity that is always becoming more refined, gleaning their wisdom through trial and error. Not a particularly emotional or sensitive type, this queen connects deeply through their own sharp intellectualism with others. When they’re on your side, they are extremely loyal and supportive, despite their apparent coldness, and are aware of the importance of your bonded connection. This card encourages us to think objectively while attuning to our own mental strength to make any decisions at this time, and to approach our challenges without emotional ties. Questions to ask yourself right now: How can I connect with my strength of discernment? How can I look at things objectively, with compassion? Your mantra: I see through all illusion and find truth. My mind and words are powerful allies. Additional Meanings: Independent • Perfectionist • Articulate • Impartial.
This is your week! Make it an amazing one 😊
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