The week ahead: June 4th through June 10th of 2018:


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While in the midst of Gemini season, I’d like you to remember something: all things start with a thought. In a time ruled by Air (thought) and the planet Mercury (communication, travel, information), we’re in a heady space. Our minds might be going a million miles minute and so might our tongues (watch that gossip!). It’s a perfect time to exchange ideas and information, while going out and being social with all the people that stimulate our hungry minds; and our minds are ravenous right now.  If you happen to be in love with a Gemini, remember the way to their heart is through their brain. If there’s no mental connection, you ain’t getting anywhere but the friend zone. Near constant mental activity help these guys to feel alive, while boredom and stagnation equal death, so keep it interesting and be flirty! Also keep it light and airy–love is supposed to be fun with them, so keep the heavier topics for when you’re more involved. If you need to make a peace offering, bring some information no one else knows yet; you’ll be right back in good graces. With Gemini, information equals power, so be mindful of what you share.

So how can we use the energy of this week to help us? My advice is this: If everything starts with a thought, what thoughts are you currently seeding? Are they truly aligned with what you want? Is the information you’re exchanging helpful or degrading? Can you see how whichever you choose to share, also reflects where you are mentally? If information equals power, what kind are you arming yourself with? I cannot seem to do enough research into herbs and spells as of late. It’s kind of become an obsession of mine that I’ve been coupling with my knowledge of rocks and stones. Add that to my understanding of talismans and amulets and I’ve been feeling like an all powerful witch (ha!). I’ve felt electric as of late, and it’s almost as if a new idea will spring up and the information shows up out of nowhere to support it. It’s nice to have all this power at my fingertips, and really, I feel empowered. I don’t know about you guys, but my dreams have been off the charts too, continuing to give me information and new pathways to follow.  What I haven’t followed through with yet is to get this stuff on paper. I really should journal more or catalog my crazy so if I need to reference or go back and do something over, I know what’s already been tried and true; but who has time for that when I’d much prefer to experiment and get my hands dirty? I’m very action oriented, not wanting to sit for too long, especially if I have all the ingredients I need–but what good is my action if I don’t have a solid base to return to? So I think going forward for the month of June, I’m gonna transfer the stuff going on up in my head to paper. If for nothing else, I’d be able to share it accurately with anyone needing it going forward. This week, exchange those ideas and thoughts that empower. If for nothing else, you can help another <3

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one, two , or all three cards–pick what you’re drawn to). The stone not pictured above is green fluorite (I haven’t found my stones yet from unpacking!). Known as the “Genius Stone,” Fluorite represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting aptitude and discernment, the absorption of new information, and helping one work through complex issues. Its energy stimulates the electrical charge of brain cells, drawing in more life force (prana) as it encourages both hemispheres to work harmoniously together in balance. Expanding the consciousness, it advances the mind to greater mental, spiritual and psychic awareness. It stirs creativity and provides a limitless range of avenues for exploration. Fluorite forms in many color varieties, and while each manifests its abilities in different ways, all serve the mental body, brain and energetic levels of being. Green Fluorite adds growth and nature energies to the properties of Fluorite. It clears negative energy from any environment and brings cleansing, renewal, and a spring-like freshness to the chakras. It inspires new ideas, originality and quick thinking. Particularly healing to the Heart Chakra, this mineral permits information to rise from the subconscious, and helps the emotional body understand issues of the heart, both current and of the past. It enables release of emotional trauma and outworn conditioning, frees one from the slavery of addictions and things that are harmful, and allows one to serve purposes of a higher good. Harmonizing the mind with the heart, Green Fluorite helps make certain one’s thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their true purpose. If you’d like to learn more about this stone, please go here.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about Strategy and Resilience. Your card goes on to say that Armadillo brings gifts of protection and resilience. She has the ability to expand the borders of her comfort zone while protecting her boundaries. Armadillo’s energy provides a shield against emotional harm. Be open to varied opinions, yet stay balanced without compromising your personal principles. Wear your spiritual armor, yet choose your battles, knowing that you have the inner strength to move forward whatever the outcome. Conflict is a test of the willpower. You can agree to disagree, and at the same time stand firmly for what you truly believe in. The face of adversity can bring a fresh perspective. A change in approach may be what is needed to manifest the desired results. Additional Meanings: Overcoming challenge • Strategy • Integrity • Vitality • Protection • Patience • Acceptance.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about Sentiment and Joy. Your card goes on to say that Otter swims in the simplicity of innocent joy to soothe her soul. Moving with the flow with childlike energy, she’ll show you how to navigate with lightheartedness and happiness. Otter draws upon the beauty of sentimentality to fuel her energy. She knows that fond memories of the past can regenerate the emotional self, and influence insight to enhance the future. Reconnect with your roots, and revel in your beloved place of sanctuary and comfort. Past efforts will prove rewarding, and good memories revisited serve to add strength to fresh creative projects. Allow the emergence of positive new beginnings to permeate your life. Additional Meanings: Emotional security • Joy • Sentimentality • Innocence • Sanctuary • Sharing • Reunion.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about  Vitality and Joy. Your card goes on to say that Hummingbird’s rays reach out, warming everything in his path. He is your playful messenger of light and joy, and he thrives in an environment of beauty. As a healer, he draws energy from the nectar of life to create his own healing elixirs. With his ability to fly backwards, he taps into happy memories from the past, which gives him renewed energy. As with the sun itself, hummingbird brings enlightenment to all in his presence. Enjoy and celebrate the fruits of your labor. Your future is bright and filled with beautiful possibilities. Additional Meanings: Vitality • Freedom • Energy • Renewal • Joy • Celebration • Enthusiasm • Enlightenment.

My hope for you this week is that you’re clear in your communication and that the communication you choose is helpful and good in nature. This can be for yourself and/or others, but choose stuff that empowers, does good in this world, or educates us to something going on so we can all make better choices. What is the point of spreading shit? All it does is get you messy and smelly too, and ain’t nobody got time for that <3

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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