The week ahead: December 28th through January 3rd:

• I feel like there's so many of us feeling burnout right now, especially if you do any healing work. Burnout usually appears when you're not taking care of yourself by overworking or overextending yourself beyond a comfortable limit. Even if you don't do "healing" work, the Holidays demand a level of excellence that no [...]


The week ahead: December 21st through December 27th:

• We have a full moon on Christmas this year! Before you start freaking out, please know that it's in the sign of Cancer, which is known for being all about family, home, and close relationships. This full moon seems to be focusing on relationships and partnerships of all kinds (which full moons always do) [...]

The week ahead: December 14th through December 20th:

• Venus trines Neptune today, and all you may want to do is daydream and relax. It's also perfect for anything creative, so if you're making Christmas/Holiday presents this year, this week would be the best time to do so. You could also be feeling very compassionate and want to be of service to others. [...]

The week ahead: December 7th through December 13th:

• Watch were you're pointing that arrow this week! 😉 We have a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius on the 11th. Sagittarius is known as the sign of the truth seeker, and independence is of utmost importance on every level. This sign does their own thing and you'll never see them following the [...]

The week ahead: November 30th through December 6th:

• Saturn squared Neptune on the 26th of November, and you've probably been feeling this square bubbling up since March. When two planets square each other, it's telling us about a conflict going on between them, and since both Saturn and Neptune are outer planets, it also talks about a huge/powerful change occurring. Saturn is [...]