The week ahead: October 26th through November 1st:

• We have a beautiful, full super moon (this would be the third super moon in a row) in Taurus coming up on the 27th. This full moon is putting a spotlight on what you love and value, and since Taurus is all about the physical, material things in life, you may be asking yourself what [...]


The week ahead: October 19th through October 25th:

• I'd like to talk to you guys today about the opinions of other people. Just like eyeballs (obviously standing in for the other body part people love to compare opinions to)--everybody has them. They aren't always used or taken care of properly, and very few people have perfect vision. So if we know this, [...]

The week ahead: October 12th through October 18th:

• We have a new moon in Libra tonight! So what can we expect? BALANCE, and lots of it. If you think you have balance right now, it would behoove you to check the scales. Anything pretending to be balance or a half hearted effort towards it will be brought out into full view, thanks [...]

The week ahead: October 5th through October 11th:

• Mercury retrograde is finally coming to a close on October 9th. For a few days afterwards, I would still continue to double check anything you post up or sign off on, and make sure all the correct information is there. Since this retrograde is in the sign of Libra, you may have noticed a [...]