August 24th through August 30th:

• I'd like to talk today about a little something called burnout. Burnout affects your whole body; your mind feels foggy and you can't remember anything to save your life, your body may feel sore or you may pull muscles more easily with no good reason for it (some people like to make the excuse [...]


The week ahead: August 17th through August 23rd:

• I just got wind that Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and luck) is now in the sign of Virgo, as of August 11th. Psychic/Medium and Astrologer Maria Shaw says, "Jupiter in Virgo will affect us all in our own natal charts in some way or another. It will benefit Virgo the most but [...]

The week ahead: August 10th through August 16th:

• We have a new moon in Leo on the 14th. New moons are a great time to initiate projects (well, the first two weeks right after the new moon is perfect for that too). Just remember that not all projects will get off the ground, so if you have two or three things that [...]

The week ahead: August 3rd through August 9th:

• Venus is back in Leo, who is still retrograde. According to the astrologer Madame Zolonga, during this retrograde time, our values change, our relationships change, and so do we. Don't be surprised if you hear from an old flame now, or old high school pals that want to reminisce about the good 'ol days. [...]